2017 BOSS Owners Group Winter Recap

Posted by Alex Milinski

May 25, 2017 9:19:33 AM

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Top 3 Benefits of a Pre-Wet System

Posted by Melissa Gardner

May 9, 2017 8:47:46 AM

While there are a number of brine mixtures used by the snow and ice industry for use with pre-wet and liquid systems, there are three distinct advantages to equipping your in-bed hopper spreader with pre-wet capabilities. These systems spray the material just before it hits the spinner and before you expend unnecessary time and money. If you need some convincing, take a look at the advantages below. Then get your setup ready, fill with your favorite brine mixture, and get melting!

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The Ultimate Guide to Truck Plow Accessories

Posted by Melissa Gardner

Apr 21, 2017 7:45:10 AM

Have you been wondering what accessories are available to make your plow even better and your job even easier? Are you looking to take your plow setup and look to the next level? Using the right truck plow accessories will help you conquer the snow and look good doing it! 

Cutting Edges

Depending on your preference and the specifics of the area you are plowing, you may want to consider urethane cutting edges. These additions can help you get optimum scraping performance and are ideal for plowing on certain types of pavement or paving stones. BOSS offers these edges for our straight-blade plow family. You may also see v-plow cutting edges listed as an accessory. BOSS blades come standard with cutting edges for all truck plows except the trip-edge style, which includes our DXT (dual trip blade). These models come with a base angle that is used as a cutting edge until worn. When it is time to replace the base angle, you will want to arm your v-plow with these Hardox cutting edges featuring build-in curb guards and patented snow catcher. 

Snow Deflectors

Available for most models of plows, these add-ons to the top portion of your blade will help increase visibility when plowing. The angle they create with the blade when installed, directs the snow away from your windshield and out of your line of sight. The flexibility of the rubber ensures they will not break, even in the heaviest of snow conditions. BOSS offers rubber deflectors in                                                                  sizes for straight, v-plow, and EXT plows.


Back Drag Edge

BOSS offers back drag edges for our straight-blade line of plows, including Standard-Duty, Super-Duty and HTX blades. These mild steel blades can improve scraping performance while back-dragging, which is especially helpful in getting up close and personal when plowing against a structure. 


Plow Wings

While different states have different road restricting on road legal plow sizes, plow wings can be easily attached and detached on-site to let you get the most out of each blade pass. BOSS plow wings are available for select models and extend your width by 11" on each side. 


Plow Shoes

When you have a need to keep your blade a set distance off the ground, plow shoes are the way to go. You can easily plow over gravel or uneven surfaces or unfrozen ground while minimizing the potential damage to the surface or landscape. With adjustable heights, plow shoes enable the blade to float over many types of surface. 


Dolly Wheels/ Caster Kits

Especially helpful for the larger/ heavier blades, dolly wheels/caster kits allow you to easily push your blade around a garage or shop for storage or maintenance. Their steel ball bearings allow for smooth movement and less strain for you.


Bumper Trim Kit

Very popular among plow owners looking to maintain the integrity of the look of their truck are the replacement bumper trim kits. Available for select makes and models of trucks, this accessory eliminates the need to cut or modify a portion fo the OEM bumper to access the push beam hooks for plow installation. You can then remove or modify the valence and reinstall the original bumper upon truck resell.


Controller Mounting Options

Depending on the controller that is right for you, there are several mount kits available. Dashboard and floor mounts are among the options for specific models and can make controller access as convenient and comfortable as possible. 



Lighting upgrades are popular, especially for anyone plowing at night where visibility is of utmost concern. BOSS offers SL3 L.E.D. lights that nearly double the light output of standard halogen systems, a fuller light pattern, and come equipped with Ice Shield Technology that heats the lens to prevent ice build-up. They are available as an upgrade option for the SL1 and SL2 lights.

View all truck accessories by visiting

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NTEA 2017 Recap

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Apr 4, 2017 1:38:44 PM

More than 500 companies traveled to Indianapolis for North America's largest work truck event--The Work Truck Show 2017 hosted by NTEA. From March 14-17 at the Indiana Convention Center 11,799 visitors descended on the show to view the latest equipment, products and technology companies have to offer in the truck equipment sphere. 

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Financing Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Mar 30, 2017 4:32:35 PM

Whether it is the beginning of a winter season and you need to add equipment to service new contracts or the end of a profitable season and time to replace equipment that took a beating all season long, understanding the financing options available to you is beneficial. Every purchase is unique and every business has different capabilities and needs. Below are several financing options for you to consider. 

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Auger or Pintle Chain: Which V-box Hopper Spreader System Is Right For You?

Posted by Mark Klossner

Mar 16, 2017 2:08:00 PM

If you’re doing research on electric v-box hopper spreaders, you are learning quickly that the two types of material feed systems available are the auger and pintle chain. If you don’t have a lot of experience with these spreader feed systems, you may be having a difficult time selecting which system best fits your snow and ice management needs. BOSS offers a pintle or auger feed system on the VBX and FORGE line of spreaders. There are some key differences between the two feed systems that are important to understand.

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Leveling the Blade Attack Angle

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Mar 1, 2017 7:59:24 AM

The height of a vehicle can vary greatly causing your BOSS V-plow to sit uneven with the ground. Check your Push Beam height first should you notice your cutting edges are uneven with the ground. 

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Spring Back to Action – Trip Spring Replacement

Posted by Tyler Steinbrecher

Feb 1, 2017 3:04:00 PM

Plowing is tough on equipment; there is no way around it. Snow removal is done in some of
the harshest environments and hidden objects often wreak havoc at the most unsuspecting times. There are a few items on BOSS plows that are considered normal wear items due to the rugged abuse they encounter. Trip springs are one of the most replaced items on a plow, whether it is a straight-blade or v-plow. V-plow users will notice that as trip springs wear, they have the tendency to sag in “scoop” mode as well as trip much easier while windrowing in straight mode. Straight-blade users will notice their plow tripping at a much earlier rate over objects the plow would normally not trip over. Proper spring tension will prolong the life of the springs. Fortunately, replacement of the trip springs is a quick task that requires only a few tools to accomplish. 

Straight-Blade Trip Spring Replacement –
The trip spring replacement process is the same across BOSS’ entire line of straight-blade plows.  

Number of Replacement Springs:  
HTX and Sport-Duty Plows                            2 Springs
Standard-Duty Plows                                        3 Springs
Super-Duty and Heavy-Duty Plows          4 Springs 

All plows require the same spring (MSC01509) and same hardware (HDW01744), except for Standard- Duty plows which require hardware (MSC05056).  

Straight-Blade Plows
Remove the existing Trip Springs-
  1. 1. Remove the ½” Nylon Lock Nut from the Eye Bolt that holds the top of the spring to the plow. Start with the outer springs first as these will need to be removed before the inner springs. 
  2. 2. Once the Lock Nut is removed, lower the Eye Bolt until it is no longer through the hole on the top of the plow. (Note: The entire coupler tower may need to be lowered in order to remove the springs. Use a jack to support the coupler tower, raise the kickstand on the plow, and safely lower the coupler tower until the springs can be removed).
  3. 3. Rotate the spring in order to remove it from the rib in the Push frame Attachment Bar. Once the outer springs are removed, repeat the process for the inner springs. Affected hardware is recommended to be replaced at the time of spring replacement. 
Replacing the Trip Springs-
  1. 4. For replacement, begin by installing the Eye Bolt onto the end of the spring. Install the Push Nut Retainer onto the Eye Bolt (tabs must be facing away from the Eye Bolt). Hook the springs through the holes in the Push frame Attachment Bar and rotate springs up until Eye Bolts can be reinstalled through the top of the plow.
  2. 5. Once the Eye Bolts are inserted through the plow, install the Flat Washer and the Nylon Lock Nut.
  3. Tighten each spring. Proper spring tension is achieved when a business card can be inserted between the coils of the spring.
V-Plow Trip Spring Replacement –  

Number of Replacement Springs:
HTX V-Plows                                                  2 Springs
DXT and V-XT Plows                                 4 Springs
10’ Heavy Duty DXT                                4 Springs*

Similar to the Straight Blade plows, V-Plows use MSC01509 springs. The 10’ Heavy Duty DXT uses MSC07705* springs. HTX-V plows will require hardware kit HDW01744, while V-XT and DXT will require MSC05056. The 10’ Heavy Duty DXT uses HDW17603

HTX-V Plows

Remove the existing Trip Springs-
  1. 1. To start, support the Coupler Tower with a jack and/or jack stands. For HTX-V, remove the two ½” Nylon Lock Nuts from the Eye Bolts that hold the trip springs in place. 
  2. 2. Once Lock Nuts are removed, slide the Eye Bolt out of the hole in the Push frame and rotate the spring out of the hole in the Center Section.
Replacing the Trip Springs-
  1. 3. For replacement, begin by installing the Eye Bolt onto the end of the spring. Install the Push Nut Retainer onto the Eye Bolt (tabs must be facing away from the Eye Bolt). Hook the springs through the holes in the Center Section.  Align the Eye Bolts through the holes in the Push frame. Secure the Eye Bolts to the Push frame using ½”Flat Washers and ½” Nylon Lock Nuts.
  2. 4. Tighten each spring. Proper spring tension is achieved when a business card can be inserted between the coils of the spring. 

V-XT and DXT Plows
Remove the existing Trip Springs-
  1. 1. For V-XT and DXT models, the process is similar. Again, support the Coupler Tower with a jack and/or jack stands. Remove the (4) 5/8” Top Lock Nuts from the trip springs. Slide the Eye Bolts out of the back of the Push frame. (Note: Lowering of the Coupler Tower may be necessary to remove the Eye Bolts.)
  2. 2. Rotate the springs to remove them from the Trip Spring Yoke.
Replacing the Trip Springs-
  1. 3. Reinstall the new springs onto the Trip Spring Yoke. Hook an Eye Bolt to the end of each spring and pass them through the back of the Push frame. Secure the Eye Bolts with Flat Washers and Top Lock Nuts. 
  2. 4. Tighten each spring. Proper spring tension is achieved when a business card can be inserted between the coils of the spring. 


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Level Out Your Performance

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Dec 15, 2016 8:31:00 AM

The BOSS EXT is built with all of the toughness and innovation you expect from BOSS products. With expandable wings that enhance productivity and efficiency to put winter in its place, BOSS built in a blade-leveling feature to accommodate the variations of push beam heights. Because the wings on the EXT sit forward at a 20-degree angle, you need the ability to adjust the angle of the moldboard to ensure the cutting edge is scraping across the width of the blade, including the length of the wings. This will also reduce any chattering caused by the blade not sitting level. 

BOSS built in a feature to perfect the blade level with our adjustable Cam Stops. There are four Cam Stops located on the backside of the main blade. By turning the cams, you can adjust the angle of attack to level the cutting edge, ensuring it makes contact with the ground for optimal scraping performance. 

Factory Setting

Cam Adjustment Forward

Cam Adjustment Backwards

Directions for Adjusting the Angle of Attack

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and lower the plow completely. If the plow is not flush against the ground, adjust the angle of attack.

2. Loosen the trip springs.

3. On the cams, remove the bolt in the square hole and loosen the bolt in the center (See Figure 29).

4. Rotate the cam clockwise to angle the bottom of the blade back. Rotate the cam counterclockwise to angle the bottom of the blade forward.

*Use a 1/2 inch ratchet to help rotate the cams.

5. Insert the previously removed bolt, and torque it to 76 N-m (56 ft-lb). 

6. Tighten the center bolt, and torque it to 76 N-m (56 ft-lb). 

7. Tighten the trip springs until there is a gap of 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) between the trip spring coils. 

Watch the video below as a quick reference about the BOSS blade-leveling feature.

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Apply the BOSS Finishing Touch Decal

Posted by Alex Milinski

Dec 14, 2016 2:13:51 PM

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