How To Change Your Snow Plow Hydraulic Fluid

Posted by Jodie Gilroy

Dec 5, 2011 7:14:00 AM

As part of the general maintenance of your BOSS Snowplow it is recommended that you change the hydraulic fluid once per season.  The following how to video will walk you thru the proper way to change the fluid on your BOSS Snowplow.


Changing Your BOSS Snowplow Hydraulic Fluid


In addition, here are some general instructions about changing the hydraulic fluid on your snowplow:

  • Make sure to wear proper safety gear including safety glasses, gloves and steel toed boots.

  • Remove the drain plug.  The drain plug is accessible from the bottom of the hydraulic pan on the plow. Remove it and drain the fluid.

  • When refilling add about a quart of BOSS branded hydraulic fluid.

  • Attach the plow to the truck and cycle the plow wings several times. This purges the air from the system.

  • Then keep the plow attached to the truck, lower the blade, and put the wings back in the V position.

  • Top off the fluid to the point where you can just see it in the bottom of the fill elbow.

  • Properly dispose of the old hydraulic fluid.

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