How to Maintain and Store a Box Plow

Posted by Natalie Hackstock

Jun 3, 2021 9:50:20 AM

Your BOSS plow is designed to be reliable and easy to maintain, with minimum maintenance. To ensure that it performs to your expectations year after year, please follow these simple maintenance precautions.

Inspect the following on a regular basis:
• All fasteners, pins, retainers, nuts and bolts for tightness.
• Cutting edge wear.
• Wing shoe wear.
• Apply grease to slip hitch assembly and wing hinge bushing. 


Putting the Plow into Storage
1. Drive the snowplow to a storage site. Follow the normal procedure for dismounting from the plow.
2. Touch-up any rust spots or chipped paint.
3. Loosen the trip springs.
4. Grease the slip hitch assembly and wing hinge bushings.


Taking the Plow out of Storage
1. Check all fasteners for tightness. 
2. Tighten the trip springs.
3. Grease the slip hitch assembly and wing hinge bushings.

Maintaining your BOSS box plow is important to ensure its longevity for the future. Refer back to these steps, when working on maintenance or storing your plow. 


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