SR SCOUT vs. Snowrator vs. SR MAG

 Comprehensive Comparison of BOSS Sidewalk Clearing Vehicles

Managing snow and ice-covered sidewalks poses unique challenges, demanding efficient and reliable equipment to ensure safe passage for pedestrians. In this blog, we'll delve into the features and capabilities of the three leading sidewalk-clearing vehicles in the industry: the SR Scout, Snowrator, and SR MAG, each designed to do Whatever It Takes when winter weather strikes. Maximizing productivity and performance.


SR Scout: The Entry-Level Workhorse




SR Scout, the latest addition to the Snowrator lineup, offers an entry-level solution tailored for clearing narrow sidewalks and complex entryways. This compact machine boasts a 34” width, enhancing maneuverability in tight spaces where larger vehicles struggle to reach. Powered by a 429cc Kohler engine, the SR Scout delivers a brisk six mph ground speed, ensuring swift transfers between plow areas.


Key Features of the SR Scout:

            • 34” width for maneuverability in small areas.

            • 6 mph ground speed for efficient transfers.

            • Four-wheel hydraulic skid steer for nimble turning.

            • Easy access to service areas, minimizing downtime.

            • High-lifting plow and ground clearance.

            • Best-in-class ergonomics for operator comfort.

            • Engine heat directed towards the operator for warmth during operation.

            • Power-coated mild steel chassis for durability.

            • Hydraulic float system for following precise surface contour.

            • 4' fully hydraulic straight blade with float and D-force for effective snow clearing.

            • Integrated LED headlights for improved visibility during low-light conditions.

            • Intuitive traction controls for responsive and agile maneuvering.

            • Durable construction, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions.

Despite its compact size, the SR Scout doesn't compromise on power or reliability, making it an ideal choice for contractors venturing into sidewalk snow removal or expanding their existing fleet.



Snowrator: The Maneuverable Multi-Tasker




The BOSS Snowrator stands out as a patented, right-sized solution engineered to efficiently clear snow and ice-covered sidewalks. With its 4' hydraulic snowplow, the Snowrator excels in maximizing productivity while minimizing the need for manual labor. Its maneuverable design, responsive hydraulic lever turn control, and zero-turn radius ensure exceptional maneuverability in any condition.


Notable Features and optional attachments of the Snowrator:

  • 4' BOSS Hydraulic Snowplow with a 20" tall poly skin blade.

  • Powder-coated steel components

  • Stainless steel chassis for optimal corrosion resistance.

  • Updated attachment system for enhanced functionality.

  • Weather-resistant electrical system connectors for improved reliability.

  • Corrosion-resistant hydraulic hose ends and joystick hydraulic manifold.

  • LED work lights for optimal visibility during operation.

  • Hydraulic levers turn control for responsive and agile maneuvering.

  • Rear reference bar for enhanced operator support.

  • Notched front reference bar for speed control and slip prevention.

  • Pre-treatment and de-icing capabilities with a standard 20-gallon brine system as well as an additional optional 20-gallon brine tank that may be added.

  • Optional EXACT PATH 1.5 cu ft Drop Spreader for precise salt distribution and TGS85 broadcast spreader for efficient material dispersal.

The Snowrator's ability to pre-treat and de-ice surfaces, its responsive controls, and its compact footprint make it a versatile asset for contractors seeking to streamline sidewalk clearing operations.



SR MAG: The Power Performer



The SR MAG represents the pinnacle of power, performance, and versatility in sidewalk clearing technology. Boasting a stainless-steel chassis and a robust 26.5 horsepower electronic fuel-injected engine, the SR MAG is built to tackle the heaviest snowfalls easily. Its electronic throttle body optimizes power delivery for smooth acceleration and deceleration, while features such as the venting system and oversized cupholder prioritize operator comfort.


Highlighted Features of the SR MAG:

  • Stainless steel chassis for optimal corrosion resistance.

  • Powder-coated steel components

  • 26.5 horsepower electronic fuel-injected engine for superior performance.

  • 4WD capability with eight mph forward and five mph reverse speeds.

  • Quick attach system for seamless attachment/detachment of accessories and attachments.

  • Hydraulic float system for precise surface contour following.

  • Operator comfort amenities including engine heat directed towards the operator for warmth during operation and oversized cupholder.

  • Built-in tie-downs for easy transport.

  • A variety of optional attachments:

  • V-XT attachment with reinforced push frame and dual-acting cylinders.

  • Snow thrower attachment with dual hydraulic motors and 210 degrees of shoot rotation.

  • Broom attachment with adjustable casters for optimal bristle life.

  • Exact Path drop spreader for precise material distribution.

  • TGS85 broadcast spreader for efficient material dispersal.

  • 40-gallon Brine Tank attachment for pre-treatment and post-treatment.

With its array of attachments for any job at hand and exceptional performance capabilities, the SR MAG is the ultimate choice for contractors demanding uncompromising performance and versatility in their sidewalk-clearing operations.




In conclusion, the SR Scout, Snowrator, and SR MAG each offer unique strengths tailored to the diverse needs of snow and ice contractors. Whether you're a newcomer looking to enter the sidewalk clearing business or a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your fleet, a BOSS Snowrator vehicle perfectly suits your requirements. From maneuverability and efficiency to power and versatility, these vehicles embody the reliability and performance that contractors have come to expect from BOSS Snowplow.

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