Introducing the BOSS VBX+ Spreader

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Revolutionizing Winter Maintenance


In the realm of snow and ice management, efficiency, reliability, and performance are paramount. As technology continues to evolve, so do the tools of the trade. With the launch of the new VBX+ spreader from BOSS, snow and ice contractors now have access to cutting-edge technology that sets a new standard in spreader technology. Let's delve into the features and improvements of the VBX+ compared to its predecessor, the VBX, and discover why it represents a significant leap forward in the future of BOSS technology.

The Dawn of a New Era
 The VBX+ marks a significant milestone in BOSS's commitment to innovation and excellence. It represents the beginning of a new era in spreader technology, where contractors can harness advanced features to increase profitability and efficiency like never before.

Job TrackingSmart Features for Enhanced Control and Management
One of the standout features of the VBX+ is its array of smart capabilities, designed to empower operators with unprecedented control and management options. Contractors can now precisely measure and control material distribution with standard rate control, allowing for optimized spread width and flow rate. The ability to track material usage on each job site facilitates customer billing, proof of service, and material supply planning, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing transparency.

Streamlined Maintenance and Improved Durability
In addition to its smart features, the VBX+ boasts an array of enhancements aimed at simplifying maintenance and improving durability. The auger poly bearing eliminates the need for greasing, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing ease of use. The redesigned strike plate with wiper prevents salt leakage, minimizing waste and truck bed contamination. Furthermore, the spring-loaded chain tensioner ensures longer chain life and less frequent adjustment, providing operators with peace of mind and reducing downtime.

Unmatched Power and Efficiency
The VBX+ delivers superior performance thanks to its upgraded electric motors, providing 50% more power on the feeder system and 80% more power on the spinner. This increase in power translates to better material distribution and enhanced efficiency, allowing contractors to tackle winter conditions confidently. Additionally, the VBX+ features improved lighting, including upgraded LED CHMSL work lights and LED strobe lights with selectable patterns, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during operation.

Enhanced User Experience
BOSS has prioritized user experience with the VBX+, incorporating a range of improvements to enhance usability and convenience. The spinner chute and disk enhancements result in a smoother pattern, improved flow, and reduced material sticking, optimizing performance and efficiency. Carling switches and a new e-stop button offer improved safety and long-term durability, while an easy access hatch simplifies motor access for streamlined serviceability. Remote grease zerks further contribute to easier maintenance, ensuring the VBX+ is powerful, user-friendly, and easy to maintain.


Future-ReadyComparison with VBX Features
While the VBX line offered reliable performance and durability, the VBX+ represents a significant upgrade in terms of technology, power, and user experience. With its smart features, streamlined maintenance, unmatched power, and enhanced user experience, the VBX+ sets a new standard in spreader technology, reaffirming BOSS's commitment to innovation and excellence in winter maintenance equipment.





the BOSS VBX+ spreader represents a new generation in winter maintenance, combining advanced smart features, enhanced durability, superior performance, and user-friendly design. The VBX+ empowers contractors to tackle winter conditions confidently, ensuring safer roads and walkways for communities everywhere. With its forward compatibility for future smart connected capabilities, the VBX+ is not just a spreader but a strategic investment in the future of snow and ice management. Embrace the new era of spreader technology with VBX+ and stay ahead of the curve with BOSS!

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