Join our BOSS family and accept a college co-op or internship position with us! Our goal is to ensure you have excellent resume-building experiences, gain a better understanding of the profession you're interested in pursuing, and develop as a professional, leader, and community member.


What makes a BOSS Internship or Co-Op Position Special?

Real Tasks = Real Experience
Open Communication
Your Interests are Important
Community Involvement
Family Matters

Living in Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, Michigan is a beautiful place to explore and live. There are plenty of opportunities to experience new things! With many things to do outside, restaurants to enjoy, and activities to participate in, you'll always have something to do during your time here at BOSS! Click the link below to learn more about experiencing Dickinson County.

Intern & Co-Op Testimonials

How Would You Describe Your Time at BOSS?

"At BOSS, I was able to not only get experience in the field I’m going into, but I also became a part of a team of people who treated me like family. I was treated like I had been working there just as long as everyone else. At other jobs I’ve had, the people I worked with weren’t open to making mistakes, but at BOSS, they were encouraged. I felt comfortable to make mistakes and know that I won’t be punished for them, but encouraged to learn from them instead. It opened my eyes to the type of environment I thrive in. I was excited and happy to work in such a positive environment where everyone was encouraging and willing to help in whatever way possible."

Isabella Rosenthal

Graphic Design/Marketing Intern

"I'm grateful for my BOSS internship. Tons of hands-on experience right out of the gate - like transforming a product's workflow! Great opportunities to volunteer and go to trade shows with co-workers too!"

Louis Hindman

Industrial Engineering Intern

"BOSS has been a company that gave me stellar support in my work here as a Co-op worker. The company culture made me feel welcome to work alongside other Engineers and motivated me to seek out the best work on my projects. Every individual that I worked with wanted to help me exceed expectations, and succeed; the results of our work spoke to that effect. I learned a tremendous amount of content, and am very impressed with what BOSS has been able to do in Iron Mountain. It was a pleasure to work for BOSS, and I am grateful for the opportunity."

Aaron Carlson

Design Engineering Co-Op

"I would describe my internship as a great learning experience that expanded my skills in engineering and design. I got to work hands-on with some of the best engineers on projects. I would definitely recommend working or getting an internship at BOSS."

Dante Basanese

Design Engineering Intern

"I am very thankful for the opportunities BOSS provides. The internship was enhanced by mentors who were always ready to help. The teamwork and collaboration were excellent, with room for trial and error, which helped me learn and grow. I had autonomy over my projects, making the experience enjoyable. After graduation, I was excited to be hired as a Digital Content Specialist and begin my career with such a great company and team."

Emily Forstrom

Social Media Marketing Intern
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