Something that often gets forgotten about is the cleanup that occurs after a storm. This is often an afterthought during winter events. One of the benefits of liquid de-icing is the reduction in cleanup compared to salt or sand. 




When rock salt is applied on sidewalks, it is often grossly overapplied in an attempt to melt quickly.  This often leads to a lot of granular products drug in the building. When using a liquid deicing technique, the application rate is significantly lower for the same (or better) result.  With an even coverage of the correct amount of chloride, the liquid deicer will melt the snow/ice more quickly than granular and will dry out, leaving no granular product behind.  This also means that sidewalks are not covered in rock salt for days and weeks after an event. 



What little tracks into the building can be easily cleaned up. We’ve seen janitorial cost savings up to $2,000 per season which can be used as a selling point when bidding on a snow removal contract. With less salt being tracked inside, businesses will also see their floors and other infrastructure lasting much longer. The image below is an example of what rock salt can do to your floors and infrastructure over time.   


MicrosoftTeams-image (5)



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