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Revolutionize Your Snow and Ice Removal Business:
BOSS Genesis Series Liquid Deicing


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When winter strikes, keeping roads, sidewalks, and entryways safe becomes a top priority for businesses and municipalities alike. Snow and ice removal businesses are crucial in maintaining safety during these challenging times. If you're considering expanding your services or starting a new venture in this industry, look no further than our Genesis Liquid Deicing Series.


The Genesis Series is a game-changer in the realm of liquid deicing solutions, offering affordability without compromising on quality and efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, there's a Genesis model perfectly suited to your needs.


Genesis Brine Buddy: Your Compact Brine Making Solution

The Genesis Series Brine Buddy is an ideal starting point for those venturing into liquid deicing for the first time. This compact unit boasts a 900-1,000-gallon-per-hour capacity, making it perfect for small-scale brine production. Smart-connected technology lets you conveniently monitor brine salinity from your smartphone or tablet. Its stainless steel and poly construction ensure durability, while the air purge system keeps hoses dry after filling trucks, minimizing downtime.


Watch the Genesis Brine Buddy Overview here.


Sidewalk Solutions: Genesis 110E, Sidewalk Slayer, and Push Pal

The Genesis Series offers specialized solutions for targeted applications, such as sidewalks and entryways. The Genesis 110E features a 110-gallon low-profile tank and a 12V electric pump, making it perfect for use in UTVs or Toro® Workman® vehicles. With its 4' receiver-mount boom, it efficiently covers sidewalks with ease. The Genesis Series Sidewalk Slayer also features dual electric 12V pumps and a 200-gallon capacity, making it the ultimate electric sidewalk and Snowrator support unit. Equipped with a 1" fill line and a 50' spring rewind hose reel, it ensures quick and efficient deicing of sidewalks and entryways.


Meanwhile, the Genesis Push Pal takes sidewalk deicing to the next level. This compact walk-behind spray unit allows for quick-change camlock caps and pre-treatment/post-treatment applications. Its innovative design facilitates the use of 5-gallon cube containers, enabling seamless swapping during operation, reducing downtime, and maximizing efficiency.


Truck-Mounted Sprayers: Genesis 305E, 500E, and Power Bundle

For larger-scale operations, the Genesis Series offers truck-mounted sprayers in various capacities. The Genesis 305E, with its 305-gallon capacity, serves as an entry-level pickup truck sprayer, providing efficient pre-treatment or post-treatment options. Meanwhile, the Genesis 500E offers a higher capacity of 500 gallons, catering to more extensive coverage needs. The Genesis Power Bundle E allows for customization, connecting to your own tank or tote while offering the same reliability and performance as other models in the series.



In the world of snow and ice removal, efficiency, reliability, and affordability are paramount. With the BOSS liquid deicing Genesis Series, you can revolutionize your business operations while delivering superior service to your clients. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your fleet, there's a Genesis solution tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to traditional deicing methods and embrace the future of liquid deicing with BOSS Genesis Series Liquid Deicing.


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