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Mastering Material Application: A Key to Snow and Ice Contractor Success

As winter sets in and snow and ice blanket our roads and walkways, the need for efficient deicing material application becomes a top priority. Snow and ice contractors face numerous challenges in managing these materials effectively, from ensuring safety to minimizing costs. At BOSS Snowplow, we understand these challenges firsthand. That's why we're committed to crafting durable products capable of withstanding harsh winter conditions and dedicated to supporting contractors in their pursuit of business sustainability and growth. Continue reading to learn the significance of managing deicing materials and explore how BOSS is here to help you tackle this crucial aspect of winter maintenance.

Why Material Application Management Matters:

1. Safety: Proper material application is essential for ensuring the safety of both contractors and the public. By effectively using de-icing materials like salt, sand, or brine, slippery conditions on roads, walkways, and parking lots can be minimized, reducing the risk of accidents.

2. Cost Effectiveness: Efficient material application management translates to cost savings. By accurately calibrating equipment and targeting specific problem areas, contractors can minimize waste and ensure optimal resource utilization, thus maximizing their profitability.

3. Environmental Impact: Responsible material application practices are key to minimizing negative environmental effects. By using environmentally friendly deicing materials and controlling application rates, contractors can reduce chemical runoff into water bodies, mitigate damage to vegetation, and preserve infrastructure integrity.

4. Compliance: Snow and ice contractors must adhere to regulations and standards set by local authorities. Proper material application management ensures compliance with these regulations, safeguarding against penalties and upholding professional integrity.

5. Customer Satisfaction: High-quality material application leads to improved customer satisfaction. Contractors who consistently provide safe and well-maintained winter conditions are more likely to retain clients and receive positive referrals, thus bolstering their reputation and business success.

6. Performance and Efficiency: Effective management of material applications enhances overall performance and efficiency. By avoiding issues such as overuse or underuse of materials and ensuring even distribution, contractors can deliver superior service quality and faster response times, thereby enhancing their competitive edge.

7. Risk Management: Proper application and management of materials are crucial for reducing liability risks. When materials are used promptly and appropriately, the likelihood of accidents or injuries is minimized, mitigating potential legal issues, and safeguarding the contractor's business interests.


Material application management is the cornerstone of success for snow and ice contractors. We recognize the importance of this aspect of winter maintenance and are committed to supporting contractors in mastering it. With the release of our VBX+ and upcoming SR MAG spreader controls, we provide tools that empower contractors to track materials dispensed and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. BOSS is here to back you up every step, ensuring you can tackle winter's challenges with confidence and success.

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