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When purchasing a snowplow, many decisions need to be made. Will you be using this for commercial use or your home? Are you plowing driveways, parking lots, or longer roads? These questions will help you determine the plow that is right for you.


What significant components make up a snowplow? You get a blade crate and a plow box. The blade crate is composed of a blade on a straight blade. The plow box comprises a coupler tower with hydraulics, a light bar with lights, a push frame, and a quad (on straight blades only). Controls will be different depending on if it is a straight blade, v-blade, downforce enabled, expanding, and if it is a compact vehicle.


Read on to learn about some of the accessories commonly available for your heavy equipment plow.


Available Accessories










The back drag edge kit is made of high-quality rubber, with metal reinforced structures to protect surfaces when scraping away snow. Made for SK box plows, the back drag edge kit can be reversed 180 degrees, giving you two sides of wear. For more pricing information, contact your local dealer.


Part Numbers:

  • 6’0” Box Plow Backdrag Edge – BXP16501
  • 8’0” Box Plow Backdrag Edge – BXP16502
  • 10’0” Box Plow Brackdrag Edge – BXP16503
  • 12’0” Box Plow Backdrag Edge – BXP16504






Designed specifically for your LDR, BH, and SK Box Plow in mind, these reliable wing shoes will get the job done. Wing shoes use AR450 steel to provide maximum performance when you need it most. Wing shoes may need to be replaced regularly due to friction on surfaces, depending on the surface you are plowing on. For pricing information, contact your local dealer.


Part Numbers:

  • SK Wear Shoes (Right) – BXP16589-03
  • SK Wear Shoes (Left) – BXP16590-03
  • SK-R Wear Shoes (Right) – BXP16426-03
  • SK-R Wear Shoes (Left) – BXP16425-03
  • BH Wear Shoes (Right) – BXP16755-03
  • BH Wear Shoes (Left) – BXP16855-03
  • LDR Wear Shoes (Right) – BXP16792-03
    • LDR Wear Shoes (Left) – BXP16791-03











Reduce wear on the hitch system with this easily replaceable wear shim kit. The Wear shim kit prevents binding on the hitch, helping to prevent your equipment from maintenance. Click here for the link to available Box Plow Hitch Wear Shim Kits.


Part Number:

  • Box Plow Hitch Wear Shim Kit – BXP16846





The Universal Box Plow Coupler Kit makes the attachment of Box Plows to loader arms quickly and easily. This helpful kit includes the main push beam, two slide assemblies, and hardware. The included side assemblies ride the slip hitch pockets on the back of your Box Plow. This kit is unique to the make of your loader, meaning the attachment hooks must be supplied by you and welded to the push beam. For information on maintaining a box plow, refer to this blog article. For information on pricing and assembly, contact your local dealer.


Part Number:

  • Box Plow Universal Coupler Kit – BXP16881















High-performance BOSS Box Plows need Genuine, high-quality BOSS cutting edges. BOSS SK, BH, and LDR replacement cutting edges use extreme wear resistant AR450 steel to provide maximum performance when you need it most. A rubber cutting edge is also available as an accessory on the BOSS SKR Box Plow. This rubber edge provides excellent scraping while protecting sensitive ground surfaces from unwanted blemishes. For information on rubber edge vs. steel edge box plows, read this blog article. Contact your local dealer to learn more about pricing for steel and rubber Box Plow cutting edges.


Additionally, we offer maximum performance polyurethane cutting edges to minimize unwanted damage to sensitive surfaces. We offer this on the following models, XT, HTX, HTX-V, and Super Duty. Click Here to find BOSS polyurethane cutting edges.


Part Numbers:

  • SK-8 Steel Cutting Edge – STB03003-03
  • SK-10 Steel Cutting Edge – STB07537-03
  • SK-12 Steel Cutting Edge – STB19924-03
  • BH 12 Steel Cutting Edge – BXP16725-03
  • LDR 14 Steel Cutting Edge – BXP16832-03
  • LDR 16 Steel Cutting Edge – BXP16833-03
  • SKR-6 Rubber Cutting Edge – BXP16455
  • SKR-8 Rubber Cutting Edge – BXP16450
  • SKR-10 Rubber Cutting Edge – BXP16430
  • 10’ Heavy Duty Poly Straight Blade – STB09237




Snow deflectors are made from a rubber belting material and attached to the plow's top edge. Snow Deflectors are designed to increase visibility while plowing by shielding the amount of fine snow and rolling snow that may spill over the blade. This dramatically reduces the amount of snow going onto the vehicle's windshield. This is a must-have for anyone who plows longer driveways, roads, and parking lots. Click here to learn more about how you can extend the life of your rubber snow deflectors. Click here for the link to all available snow deflectors.


Part Numbers:

  • 9’0” Heavy-Duty Straight Blade – MSC01565
  • 10’ DXT & EXT & Heavy-Duty Straight Blade – MSC17611B














Curb guards are an excellent addition to your Super Duty, Heavy Duty, & 7'6" HTXCurb guards protect your plow’s base angle when scraping against curbs. On the BOSS DXT, XT, and HTX-V, a curb guard and snow catcher are formed directly on the cutting edge. To learn more about the benefits of curb guards, read this article. It is recommended that you replace your cutting edge when purchasing curb guards to retain optimum scraping performance. Click here for the link to BOSS Curb Guards.


Part Numbers:

  • Straight-Blade Heavy Duty Driver’s Side – STB08096
  • Straight-Blade Heavy Duty Passenger’s Side – STB08095


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