Ice Control Equipment Accessories Guide
When purchasing ice removal equipment, many decisions need to be made. Will you be using this for commercial use or your home? Are you controlling ice on driveways, parking lots, or longer roads? Have you considered your vehicle sizing, and what type of spreader will work for you?


What significant components make up a salt spreader? Ice control equipment will not only restore order in the toughest of conditions but will also provide you with only the best snow removal and traction aid. With our vast range of ice removal equipment, there are several components that you may need to consider when choosing a suitable spreader for you. Auger vs. pintle chain. What’s the difference? An auger spreader typically works better with vibrators to prevent bridging with certain materials in the auger. The vibrator will shake and agitate the material in the spreader helping the auger to spread particulates better. Augers have fewer moving parts, so they typically require less maintenance. Pintle spreaders are more versatile with what they can dispense. They do, however, have more moving parts. They don’t have issues with what materials they can distribute. Each component works well; however, one may work better for you depending on the type of
work you will be doing.


Read on to learn about some of the accessories available for your salt spreader.



Available Accessories





With an excellent 150-foot viewing angle and 50 feet of accessible vision at night, you’ll be sure to work to your potential. Designed to help with the detection of people and objects in your vicinity. For use on spreader and VBX ice control equipment. Take a look at the accessories instruction manual for further details, including installation and troubleshooting. Contact your local dealer for pricing on this product.


Part Numbers:

  • Spreader Backup Camera - MSC21970













The pre-wet system is comprised of a brine mixture that sprays the deicing material before it hits the spinner. This upgrade will save you time and money in the long run. Three advantages include early salt activation, less bounce on rough roads, and less material waste. To learn more about these three advantages, take a look at this blog article. Contact your local dealer for pricing information.


Part Numbers:

  • Pre-Wet System - MSC20100
  • Forge and Pre-2017 VBX Model Control Kit - MSC17890





  • Dramatically improve the flow of material in your Tailgate spreader, VBX, and FORGE model spreaders. The vibrator kits reduce material flow issues, increasing efficiency, and profitability.


    The Hopper spreader single vibrator kit gives 125 pounds of vibrational force and improves material flow and handling. In addition to the single vibrator kit, we also offer a double VBX vibrator kit weighing 125 pounds each, giving you a total of 250 pounds of vibrational force. For information on pricing for your double VBX vibrator kit, contact your local dealer. The available FORGE model single vibrator kit can be found here. 


    Part Numbers:

    • Pre-Wet System - MSC20100
    • Forge and Pre-2017 VBX Model Control Kit - MSC17890


    The 80-pound TGS vibrator kit is an excellent addition to your tailgate spreader. Reducing material flow issues and increasing your efficiency and profitability. The link to the TGS vibrator kit can be found here.


    Part Number:

    • TGS Vibrator Kit - TGS05960











The Inverted V helps distribute particulates, reducing the load on your auger/spreader. The inverted V comes standard on all auger spreaders. Considering this upgrade on the pintle chain will increase your efficiency and profitability. Click here to purchase your Inverted V.


Part Numbers:

  • Forge 1.0 Inverted V - VBS19550
  • Forge 1.5 & 2.0 Long Bed Inverted V - VBS22280
  • VBX6500 Inverted V - VBS15140
  • VBX8000 & VBX9000 Inverted V - VBS15320







The FORGE extension kits expand capacity by a full ½ yard. These extensions are for 70” and 96” long bed extension hopper lengths. This kit gives you the ability to save time when controlling the ice. This extension easily bolts directly to your existing hopper spreader. The link to the FORGE ½ yard extension kit and the FORGE 2.0 long bed extension kit can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Forge ½ Yard Extension Kit-70” Hopper Length - VBS22170
  • Forge 2.0 Long Bed Extension Kit-96” Hopper Length - VBS22270











Hopper spreader light kits are offered in halogen and led in the FORGE and VBX spreaders. BOSS offers premium lighting for working at night with these optional light kits. Increasing visibility to work whenever you need to. The light kits include two high-quality headlights in both LED and halogen options. Quickly activate them at the rear of the spreader or in the cab. The link to the available hopper spreader light kits can be found here.


Part Numbers:

  • Forge Halogen Light Kit – MSC19525
  • Forge LED Light Kit - MSC17651
  • VBX3000 LED Light Kit - MSC17653
  • VBX6500 VBX8000 VBX9000 LED Light Kit - MSC17652







The FORGE tarps will shield your material from winter elements. Saving you time and money. Included with the VCP tarp are heavy-duty bungee tie-downs. This easy-to-use tarp is offered in the FORGE 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and the 2.0 long bed spreader. The link to all available FORGE tarps can be found here.


Part Number:

  • FORGE 1.0 Tarp – VBS19540
  • FORGE 1.5 & 2.0 Tarp – VBS17190
  • FORGE 2.0 Long Bed Tarp – VBS22290













The FORGE spill guards will protect the bed of your truck from salt spills as a result of filling your spreader. These guards widen the top width of the spreader, making loading more accessible and cleaner. The spill guards are offered for the FORGE 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0. The FORGE 2.0 long bed spreader is excluded from this accessory. See your local dealer for pricing on this product.


Part Numbers:

  • Forge Hopper Spill Guards 1.0, 1.5, & 2.0 – VBS22195








This optional material saver system will end material flow on your spreader when not used—saving you from unneeded spending and reducing waste. Standard on the TGS300, optional on the TGS600 and 1100. Not available on the TGS800. Contact your local dealer for pricing.


Part Number:

  • Material Saver System – TGS11328





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