Top 3 Benefits of a Pre-Wet System

Posted by Melissa Gardner

May 9, 2017 8:47:46 AM

While there are a number of brine mixtures used by the snow and ice industry for use with pre-wet and liquid systems, there are three distinct advantages to equipping your in-bed hopper spreader with pre-wet capabilities. These systems spray the material just before it hits the spinner and before you expend unnecessary time and money. If you need some convincing, take a look at the advantages below. Then get your setup ready, fill with your favorite brine mixture, and get melting!

#1 Activate the Salt

Using a brine mixture can help chemically induce the salt to melt faster and at lower temperatures. The salt needs to become brine itself before it can begin to melt the ice. Using a pre-wet system gives the salt moisture, enabling it to begin this process sooner, therefore giving you faster reaction time to the storm.

#2 Reduce Bounce

Wetting the granular material as it comes out of the in-bed hopper will make it both heavier and sticky, which will in turn make it stay where it is dropped more effectively. Bounce will be reduced, as will possible blowing and shifting caused by wind and other vehicles on the roadway or in the parking lot. 

#3 Use Less Material

Both activating the salt earlier and reducing bounce means you could use significantly less granular material. Because you can be more targeted with your spreading and effective with your salt, you stand to save in material costs as well as the time and labor it takes to spread. 

  pre-wet-3-4.jpg pre-wet-kit.jpg


Pictured above: (Left to Right) is a BOSS Pre-Wet System mounted to a VBX6500 with Pro-Lid and a BOSS Pre-Wet System Kit.


Here at BOSS, we are dedicated to finding ways to make you more efficient. If you are looking for ways to step up your spreading game, a pre-wet system may just be your solution. 


Learn more about the BOSS Pre-Wet System here


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