Many factors need to be considered when deciding which snowplow is right for you. Will you be using this for commercial use or your home? Are you plowing smaller areas, driveways, parking lots, or longer roads? When deciding between a truck plow and ATV/UTV plow, these questions will help you consider what is right for you.


What significant components make up a snowplow? You get a blade crate and a plow box. The blade crate is composed of a blade on the straight blade, and on a v-blade, you get two blade halves and a center section. The plow box comprises a coupler tower with hydraulics, a light bar with lights, a push frame, and a quad (on straight blades only). Controls will be different depending on if it is a straight blade, v-blade, downforce enabled, expanding, and if it is a compact vehicle.


Read on to learn about some of the accessories available for your plow.



Available Accessories







Cutting Edge




















High-performance compact BOSS plows need genuine BOSS cutting edges. BOSS 4’0” 3/8” ATV, 4’0” ¼” ATV, 5’0” ¼” ATV/UTV, and 6’0” ¼” UTV straight blades. Replacement cutting edges use extreme wear-resistant AR400 and AR450 steel to provide maximum performance when you need it most. Click here for the link to some available steel replacement cutting edge blades, or contact you local dealer for pricing information.


Part Numbers:

  • 4’0” 3/8” Steel ATV Straight Blade Cutting Edge Kit – STB26530-3
  • 4’0’ ¼” Steel ATV Straight Blade Cutting Edge Kit – STB13773-03
  • 5’0” ¼” Steel ATV/UTV Straight Blade Cutting Edge Kit – STB13503-03
  • 5’6” ¼” Steel UTV Straight Blade Cutting Edge Kit – STB12451
  • 5’6” ¼” Steel V-XT Passenger Side Cutting Edge – BAR13481-03
  • 5’6” ¼” Steel V-XT Driver Side Cutting Edge – BAL13471-03
  • 6’6” ¼” Steel V-XT Passenger Side Cutting Edge – BAR13201-03
  • 6’6” ¼” Steel V-XT Driver Side Cutting Edge – BAL13101-03


Additionally, we offer maximum performance polyurethane cutting edges to minimize unwanted damage to sensitive surfaces. We offer this on the following models, 4’0” and 5’0” ATV straight blades and 5’6” ATV V-XT. As well as 6’0” UTV straight blades and 6’6” UTV Power-V XT. Click here to watch an installation video on a 4’ ATV Straight Blade. Click here for the link to some available ATV replacement cutting edge blades, or contact your local dealer for pricing information.


Part Numbers:

  • 4’0” ATV Poly Straight Blade – STB13802
  • 5’0” ATV Poly Straight Blade – STB13801
  • 5’6” ATV V-XT Poly Driver Side – BAL13407
  • 5’6” ATV V-XT Poly Passenger Side – BAR13402
  • 6’0” UTV Poly Straight Blade – STB09230
  • 6’6” UTV Poly Power-V XT Driver Side – BAL13104
  • 6’6” UTV Poly Power-V XT Passenger Side – BAR13204






Snow deflectors are made from a rubber belting material and attached to the plow's top edge. Snow Deflectors are designed to increase visibility while plowing by shielding the amount of fine snow and rolling snow that may spill over the blade. This dramatically reduces the amount of snow going onto the vehicle's windshield. Click here to learn how to install snow deflectors on a BOSS 4’ ATV Straight Blade. The link to all available snow deflectors can be found here.



Part Numbers:

  • 6’6” UTV V-XT Deflector – MSC13099
  • 6’0” UTV Straight Blade Deflector – MSC04587B
  • 4’0” or 5’0” Poly Straight Blade Deflector – MSC04587B
  • 5’6” Steel V-XT Deflector – MSC13416














Upgrade your ATV/Mid-size UTV straight blades with an extra foot of plow area. This extension kit easily bolts an additional 6” onto each side of your straight blade compact vehicle plow. It allows you to quickly change your plows capabilities with different jobs you need to Take on. Available for straight-blade plows only. Click here to watch a wing extension installation video. The link to the available blade extension kits can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Blade Extension Kit – MSC13850B








Upgrade your compact vehicle plow to give it a “box” like effect. The BOSS Wing Kit easily bolts onto each side of the ATV/UTV straight blade plow, allowing you to take on more snow. Click here to learn how to install box wings on a 4’ and 5’ ATV straight blade. The link to the Box Wing Kit can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Box Wing Kit – MSC13870B

















Cast iron plow shoes are easily attached to the bottom of your straight blade or v-plow. These shoes raise the blade slightly off the ground to help prevent the cutting edge from digging into the ground when plowing on gravel, dirt, or grass—removing these before plowing on a more solid surface such as concrete is recommended. How quickly the plow shoes wear is dependent on factors such as how often you plow, what material you plow on, how fast you plow, and how wet the surface is that you are plowing on. Take a look at this plow shoe installation video on a 4’ and 5’ straight ATV blade. Click here to purchase a mid-size UTV/ATV straight blade shoe kit. Contact your local dealer for all other compact vehicle plow shoe pricing.


Part Numbers:

  • Full-Size UTV Straight Blade Shoe Kit – MSC09588
  • Full-Size UTV V-Plow Shoe (3) are Needed for a Complete Kit – MSC01570
  • Mid-Size UTV/ATV Straight Blade Shoe Kit – MSC13040
  • Mid-Size UTV/ATV V-Plow Shoe Kit – MSC13032






Blade guides are an excellent upgrade for added visibility. Placed at the sides of each plow, they will help you plow precisely and more efficiently. Gives you added clarity when getting the job done. For pricing information, contact your local dealer.


Part Number:

  • Blade Guide Kit – MSC13652












Skid plates are a helpful addition to your off-season collection. Protecting your ATV/UTV when your winter use plow is in storage. Placed where the plow mount is supported, the skid plate keeps your ATV/UTV in order without the added worry. Click here for the link to purchase available skid plates.


Part Number:

  • ATV Skid Plate – MSC14600





Curb guards are an excellent addition to your 4’ and 5’ Mid-Size ATV/UTV straight blades and the 6’ Full-Size UTV Straight BladeCurb guards protect your plow’s base angle when scraping against curbs. It would help replace your cutting edge when purchasing curb guards to retain optimum scraping performance. Click here for the link to BOSS ATV/UTV Curb Guards.


Part Numbers:

  • Driver Side Curb Guard Kit – STB26525
  • Passenger Side Curb Guard Kit – STB26526













Accommodating a 2-inch receiver hitch is a standard for most vehicles. The front hitch kit makes moving trailers, small boat trailers, and other objects around your business or personal property easier. Giving you added visibility to move around more precisely. Contact your local dealer for pricing information.


Part Numbers:

  • UTV Front Hitch Kit – MSC14160






Premium caster wheels with high-performance powder-coated brackets are easily installed on the bottom of your plow. Typically, these will be used in the offseason and allow you to move your plow around your garage or shop quickly. This accessory is available for UTV compact plows only. The link to the item can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Caster Kit-6’6” V-XT – MSC09235




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