How to Attach and Detach Your BOSS Drag Pro Rear Plow

Posted by Katie Roell

Dec 27, 2018 8:49:49 AM

The new BOSS DRAG PRO™ brings all of the power and productivity of BOSS plows to the back of your truck. The DRAG PRO™ mounts from the rear, allowing you to pull snow from the back while driving. Back into driveways, drop the plow, and pull forward – save time. Expand the wings in a parking lot, and take more snow with each pass than you’ve ever been able to with a ¾ ton truck. The weight of the rear of the vehicle means the Drag Pro scrapes more cleanly and efficiently than traditional plows, especially in wet snow. Pair with a BOSS vee, straight or EXT plow for the ultimate expanding plow rig, and a huge boost in productivity. It’s an innovative, productivity-boosting tool from BOSS that’s built to BACK YOU UP. Available for 4WD, 3/4-Ton and 1-Ton vehicles. 

One frequently asked question about rear mounted snowplows is how they attach. The BOSS Drag Pro attaches with ease and uses a similar mounting system to the front mounted snowplows. Here is a video explaining both how to attach and detach your Drag Pro.





See it in action!

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