Why the BOSS Snowrator is the Right Choice for You?

Posted by Natalie Hackstock

Sep 1, 2020 9:37:22 AM


Winter doesn't just mean snow. Winter equals snow, ice, slush, and everything in between. The BOSS Snowrator is one machine that can take care of it all in one pass.The Snowrator is a taskmaster, time saver, and labor saver. Everything you need in order to clean and clear sidewalks. The BOSS Snowrator is the ultimate solution!



Standard Features:

Four-Wheel Drive with Zero Turn Radius Capabilities provides maneurverability and traction in any condition.

BOSS- Designed 4' Hydraulic Snowplow with 20" polyethylene skin improves reliability and maximizes productivity in light and heavy snow.

BOSS Hydraulic Cylinders and Trip Springs maximize plow performance. 

Honda GX390 Engine provides proven, turnkey power and performance in extreme cold. 

BOSS-Engineered Electrical System delivers weather-resistant performance and enhanced reliability. 

Float and Active Down Force increases productivity by maximizing scraping of plowing surfaces. 

Coated Hydraulic Hose Ends provide greater corrosion resistance and increased reliability over previous designs. 

20-Gallon Anti-Icing/ Deicing Brine System quickly and efficiently controls surface area ice. 

LED Work Lights provide better and more reliable visibility on the job. 


Any snow and ice contractor will tell you, managing sidewalks has its own set of challenges. The BOSS Snowrator is a patented, right-size solution designed to make quick work of snow- and ice-covered sidewalks, and brings a maneuverable, multi-tasking, labor-saving solution to your fleet. Snowrator reduces the need for shovelers, maximizing productivity and efficiency-whether in metro, commercial or residential environments-where clean and clear walking surfaces are always the top priority.


If you desire a quick and easy solution to clear walking surfaces, BOSS Snowrator is the right machine for you. BOSS is guaranteed to BACK YOU UP while saving your back with this unstoppable machine!

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