Storage and Safety Tips for Snowrator

Spring is here and it's time to put away your plows and trusted BOSS Snowrator! When storing your Snowrator for the spring and summer you want to make sure it stays in good condition for the next winter season! Follow these tips and tricks to store your Snowrator!

Snowrator in garage


Storage Safety Tips:
• Let the engine cool before storing the machine.
• Do not store the machine or fuel near flames or drain the fuel indoors.
• Do not store material in the sprayer tank.
Storing the Machine:
1. Drive the machine to your storage location and lower the plow.
2. Remove salt, sand, and grime from the external parts of the entire machine, especially the engine. Important: You can wash the machine with a mild detergent and water. Do not pressure-wash the machine. Avoid excessive use of water, especially near the drive system and engine. Pressure-washing can force dirt and water into critical parts.
3. Service the air cleaner.
4. Grease the machine.
5. Grease any exposed chrome or nitro bar on the hydraulic cylinders.
6. Apply dielectric grease to all of the wire-harness connectors and install the dust caps.
7. Condition the sprayer system.
8. Change the engine oil.
9. Check the tire pressure.
10. Allow the engine to run until it shuts off. Repeat with the choke engaged (if applicable) until the engine does not start.
11. Close the fuel-shutoff valve.
12. Dispose of extra fuel properly; recycle it according to local regulations. Important: Do not store fuel containing stabilizer/conditioner longer than the duration recommended by the fuel-stabilizer manufacturer.
13. Remove the spark plug and check its condition
14. With the spark plug removed from the engine, pour 15 ml (2 tablespoons) of engine oil into the spark-plug hole, and use the starter to crank the engine and distribute the oil inside the cylinder.

15. Install the spark plug but do not connect the wire to the spark plug.
16. Check and tighten all fasteners. Repair or replace any part that is damaged or missing.
17. Lightly sand and use touch-up paint on painted areas that are scratched, chipped, or rusted.
18. Loosen the trip-return springs.
19. Store the machine in a clean, dry, garage or storage area. Remove the key from the engine key switch and store it in a memorable place. Cover the machine to protect it and keep it clean.


When the winter season is coming to a close, refer back to these trusty tips to store your BOSS Snowrator, to ensure it's ready to tackle on the winter season next year! Learn more about the BOSS Snowrator here.

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