The All NEW BOSS Snowrator- BOSS Designed Features and Improvements

The Snowrator has been on the market for a few short years. You may have owned and operated one or be familiar with a similar vehicle. If you are familiar with the L.T. Rich Snowrator model, below are several new BOSS features and improvements that are being released on the BOSS Snowrator this coming season!





Plow-Image Plow-Attachment


  • 4' BOSS Hydraulic Snowplow with a 20" tall poly skin blade.

  • NEW BOSS Attachment System

  • BOSS Snowrator snowplow offers all BOSS ATV Plow accessories and common parts with BOSS ATV plows for better parts availability and convenience of service. 




  • Snowrator features both pre-treatment and de-icing capabilities with a standard 20-gallon pre-treatment brine system and available optional auxiliary brine tank and two de-icing solid material spreaders.

  • Updated fully-potted Broadcast Spreader controller provides on-board diagnostics for troubleshooting, eases operation.

  • EXACT PATH 1.5 cu ft Drop Spreader with a BOSS exclusive salt chute to precisely distribute salt at the optimum width and pattern minimizing damage to turf while reducing salt contact with the plow attachment system.





BO19_4274s_Snowrator_34r_low_Plow_27383 Vehicle-Image
  • BOSS chassis provides greater protection from puncture to standard brine tank and features new removable rear plate for easier maintenance access to tank.

  • Rear fenders and splash guards help to protect operator from slush, salt, snow and other debris for operator comfort.

  • Vehicle hardware now features nylon locking nuts to prevent loosening due to vehicle operation for improved reliability.



  • Snowrator electrical system now features weather-resistant connectors to improve reliability.

  • Hydraulic hose ends now feature a coating with 7X greater corrosion resistance.

  • Joystick Hydraulic manifold is now painted to reduce corrosion.

  • Eliminated terminal block replaced with a power/ground harness reduces corrosion to electrical system and allows for plug-and-play with optional equipment.

  • Increased gauge of power and ground cable gauge to improve performance.


  • Responsive hydraulic lever turn control operation offers ease of maneuverability with zero turn radius and 4-wheel drive for traction in any conditions.

  • Rear reference bar makes operation easier by giving operator an additional hand-hold support feature.

  • Front reference bar is now notched to prevent bar from slipping and offers a method of limiting vehicle speed.

  • LED work lights for clear visibility on the job.




    Improved parts availability via BOSS Snowrator Dealer Network and via online at



  • 20 Gallon Auxiliary Brine Tank

  • Broadcast Spreader

  • EXACT PATH Drop Spreader

  • Plow Wing Extensions

  • Plow Box Wings

  • Urethane Cutting Edge

  • Material Carrying Trays

  • Shovel Mounting Brackets

  • 5-Gallon Bucket Mounts

For more information on the BOSS Snowrator visit or watch this vehicle in action here.

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