DRAG PRO Rear Plow Intended Uses

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Rear plows are emerging in the snow industry as a tool to increase productivity putting the front and back of your truck to work. Back into driveways, drop the plow, and pull forward saving you time. Clean up the passes with the front of your plow and move on to the next job. This year BOSS introduced the Drag Pro available in 8’ fixed and two hydraulic wing options available in 8’-12’ and 8’-16’. Rear plows offer a wide range of uses saving you time on the job.

  1. 1. Driveways and Housing Associations- Rear plows offer an efficient way to take care of driveways. Back in the driveway, drop the rear plow and drive forward. Lift the rear plow when you reach the end of the driveway and use your front plow to clean up the pile and place the snow where the customer has specified.

  2. 2. Loading Docks- Loading docks can be difficult areas to keep clean. Rear plows are a recommended solution for this job. Using a hydraulic winged rear plow, back the truck into the loading bay, adjust the wings to the width of the loading dock, drop the plow and pull forward.

  3. 3. Parking Lots and Parking Lot Aisles- Cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up small to medium sized parking lots with a rear plow. The width of the rear plow allows you to carry more snow and take wider passes than you could with a front plow. The rear plow also offers you flexibility in cleaning up parking lot aisles by adjusting the width of the rear plow wings to allow for faster clean up.

Rear plows are not meant to knock down frozen snow banks or to plow frozen snow. Because the plow can pull so much more snow due to its width, be mindful of the weight of the snow and the strain on the equipment. It is important to keep in mind these intended uses and tips about rear plows when making a plow purchase to fit your needs.


Hear what other rear plow contractors had to say about the BOSS Drag Pro below!


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