When purchasing a snowplow, many decisions need to be made. Will you be using this for commercial use or for your home? Are you plowing driveways, parking lots, or longer roads? Will you be doing a lot of back dragging away from garages? These questions will help you determine the right front or back blade that is right for you.


What major components make up a snowplow? You get a blade crate and a plow box. The blade crate is composed of a blade on the straight blade, and on a v-blade, you get two blade halves and a center section. The plow box comprises a coupler tower with hydraulics, a light bar with lights, a push frame, and a quad (on straight blades only). Controls will be different depending on if it is a straight blade, v-blade, downforce enabled, expanding, and if it is a compact vehicle. Wiring, headlight adapters, and undercarriages are specific to vehicle make and model. 


Read on to learn about some of the accessories commonly available for your plow.


Available Accessories









Premium caster wheels with high-performance powder-coated brackets are easily installed on the bottom of your plow. Typically, these will be used in the offseason and will allow you to easily move your plow around your garage or shop. This accessory is available for the following models. DXT, XT, Super Duty, Sport Duty, HTX, HTX-V. The link to the item can be found here.


Part Numbers:

  • Caster kit-Straight-Blade – MSC09215
  • Caster Kit-DXT – MSC01141
  • DXT Caster Kit Bracket for 2016 & Older DXT Plows – MSC18207
  • Caster Kit-XT V-Plow Only – MSC09216
  • Caster Kit-HTX Straight Blade – MSC09249
  • Caster kit-HTX-V – MSC09235







Curb guards are an excellent addition to your Super Duty, Heavy Duty, & 7'6" HTXCurb guards protect your plows base angle when you are scraping against curbs. On the BOSS DXT, XT, and HTX-V, a curb guard and snow catcher are formed directly on the cutting edge. It is recommended that you replace your cutting edge when purchasing curb guards to retain optimum scraping performance. Click here for link to purchase BOSS Curb Guards.


Part Numbers:

  • Straight Blade Driver’s Side – STB03395
  • Straight Blade Passenger’s Side – STB03394
  • Straight Blade Heavy-Duty Driver’s Side – STB08096
  • Straight Blade Heavy-Duty Passenger’s Side – STB08095

















High-performance BOSS plows need genuine BOSS cutting edges. BOSS DXT, XT, and HTX-V replacement cutting edges use extreme wear-resistant AR450 steel to provide maximum performance when you need it most. BOSS Super Duty and HTX straight blades use 1080 grade steel. See your local dealer for pricing on these products or click here to view available products.


A rubber cutting edge is available as an accessory on the BOSS Drag Pro. This rubber edge provides excellent scraping while protecting sensitive ground surfaces from unwanted blemishes. The rubber edge kit for the BOSS Drag-Pro can be found here.


For more information to help you determine which cutting edge is best for the accounts you service, refer to this blog article.

Replacing the cutting edge depends on how often you use your snowplow, the wear life of the material of your cutting edge, and the condition and type of the ground surface you're plowing. 


Part Number:

  • 7’ HTX Straight-Blade – STB09231
  • 7’6” HTX Straight-Blade – STB09232
  • 7’6” Standard & Super-Duty Straight-Blade – STB09233
  • 8’ Super-Duty Straight-Blade – STB09234
  • 8’6” Super-Duty Straight-Blade – STB09235
  • 9’ Super-Duty Straight-Blade – STB09236
  • 10’ Heavy-Duty Straight-Blade – STb09237









BOSS offers a wide array of bumper trims to fit Most 2014 and newer Chevy/GM trucks. Bumper trim kits are an excellent way to minimize the amount of cutting the dealer needs to do on your bumper and maintain that premium factory look. The link to all available bumper trims can be found on the link here.


Part Numbers:

  • Bumper Trim Kit 2019+ Chevy 1500 – MSC21910
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2019+ GMC 1500 – MSC21915
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2016-2018 GMC 1500 – MSC18870
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2016-2018 Chevy 1500 – MSC18880
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2014-2015 Chevy 1500 – MSC09409
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2014-2015 GMC 1500 – MSC09290
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2020+ Chevy 2500/3500 – MSC25250
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2015-2019 Chevy 2500/3500 – MSC09279
  • Bumper Trim Kit 2015-2019 GMC 2500/3500 – MSC09295












Cast iron plow shoes are easily attached to the bottom of your straight blade or v-plow. These shoes raise the blade slightly off the ground to help prevent the cutting edge from digging into the ground when plowing on gravel, dirt, or grass. Removing these before plowing on a more solid surface such as concrete is recommended. How quickly these shoes wear is dependent on factors such as how often you plow, what material you plow on, how fast you plow, and how wet the surface is that you are plowing on. The link to all available plow shoes can be found on the link here.


Part Numbers:

  • Plow Show with Hardware | DXT QTY.4 Required | XT QTY. 3 Required | Straight-Blade QTY. 2 Required | HTX V-Plow QTY. 3 Required – MSC01570
  • HTX Straight-Blade Plow Shoe Bracket Option Kit (Shoes Included) – MSC09588
  • Trip-Edge Plow Shoe Assembly – TRP07880
  • DXT Plow Shoe Bracket Option Kit (Shoes not Included. Must Order 4 MSC01570 for a Complete Plow Shoe Kit for Older DXT Models.) – MSC18207
  • DXT Plow Shoe Kit with Brackets (Shoes Included) – MSC18184








Snow deflectors are made from a rubber belting material and attached to the plow's top edge. Snow Deflectors are designed to increase visibility while plowing by shielding the amount of fine snow and rolling snow that may spill over the blade. This dramatically reduces the amount of snow going onto the vehicle's windshield. This is a must-have for anyone who plows longer driveways, roads, and parking lots. The link to all available snow deflectors can be found on the link here.


Part Numbers:
  • 7’6” -9’2” V-Plows & 7’6”-9’0” Super-Duty Straight Blades & 9’0” Heavy-Duty Straight Blades – MSC01565
  • 7’0” & 7’6” HTX Straight-Blade 7’6” HTX V-Plow & 7’6” Standard-Duty Straight-Blade – MSC04587B
  • 10’ DXT & EXT & Heavy-Duty Straight-Blade – MSC17611B














Add an additional foot of overall width to your plowing area with blade wing extensions. These can be easily removed depending on the area that needs to be plowed. Wing extensions decrease the time it takes to clear out your lot, road, or driveway. The cutting edges on the wing extension are made from polyurethane material and can be changed just like your main cutting edge. Take a look at this article for more details about BOSS snowplow wings and installation information. See your local dealer pricing on these products.


Part Numbers:

  • Poly Plow Wing Kit for Straight-Blade & Flat top Power V Plows – MSC08042C
  • Poly XT & DXT Plow Wings – MSC08063B
  • Stainless Steel XT & DXT Plow Wings – MSC08110








Genuine BOSS back drag edges are an excellent way to achieve superior scraping when back dragging away from garage doors, loading docks, and walkways. Back drag edges are available on HTX-V, XT, and Super Duty plows. The link to all available back drag edges can be found here.


Part Numbers:

  • 7’0” Straight-Blade Back Drag Edge Kit – STB06534
  • 7’6” Straight-Blade Back Drag Edge Kit – STB06535
  • 8’0” Straight-Blade Back Drag Edge Kit – STB06536
  • 8’6” Straight-Blade Back Drag Edge Kit – STB06537
  • 9’0” Straight-Blade Back Drag Edge Kit – STB06538
  • 7’6” V-Plow Back Drag Edge Kit – MSC06584
  • 8’2” V-Plow Back Drag Edge Kit – MSC06585
  • 9’2” V-Plow Back Drag Edge Kit – MSC06586














DOT-approved Auxiliary taillights are a great way to ensure adequate visibility when your DRAG PRO is in its upward most position transporting from job site to job site. These lights will easily fit on most make/model vehicles. Installation is as simple as tightening the Taillight bracket assembly into the factory stake holders on your truck bed and plugging it into your 4-pin trailer plug. The link to the taillights can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Drag Pro Tail Light Kit – MSC24680










Shed more light on the rear of your vehicle to increase confidence when using a rear plow. These LED work lights offer 2400 lumens of total light output and can be controlled with a flick of a switch. The link to the LED work lights can be found here.


Part Number:

  • Drag Pro Work Light Kit – MSC24670















Upgrade your pre-2006 V-Plow with SmartLock© cylinders that will securely lock your plow in the straight position while back dragging. These SmartLock© cylinders are an easy way to boost productivity to your older V-plow and can be installed with only a few tools. The link to the SmartLock© Cylinders can be found here.


Part Numbers:

  • Pre-2006 V-Plows – HYD07130
  • 2006 7 Newer V-Plows – HYD09733
  • 2006 & Newer 10’ V-Plows & 10’ DXT Plows – HYD09386






Upgrade your older straight blade or v-plow with the all-new SL3 LED headlights. These headlights offer a precision light pattern for improved driver visibility. LED lights have a longer life expectancy and are ultra-efficient compared to the previous halogen SL1 & SL2 systems. SL3 headlights come factory equipped with Ice Shield Technology that heats the lens to prevent ice build-up when winter is at its worst. The link to the SL3 upgrade kits can be found here.


Part Numbers:

  • Smartlight1 to Smartlight3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology Upgrade Kit – MSC18860
  • Smartlight2 to Smartlight3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology Upgrade Kit – MSC19050





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