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Posted by Rachel Perpich

Jul 2, 2018 8:31:24 AM

De-icing is a key element of public safety during the winter months. It is important not to forget about maintaining the sidewalk quality during this time. Sidewalks can be a very profitable addition to your winter service arsenal, but only when done efficiently. Whatever your sidewalk maintenance needs, we have a whole line of innovative products that will get the job done quickly and effectively. Check them out here:



Here at BOSS, we’ve created two different style shovels available in various sizes in order for you to customize according to your shovel needs. 


  • Snow Pusher Shovel – Perfect for the 1-5 inches of snowfall when you need a simple and precise way to clear it for ice removal.This particular style is available in 28, 36, and 48 inch widths.

  • Snow Dominator Scoop Shovel – This style is 

    scoopshovel-1especially useful for the wet, dense snow that builds up quickly and needs to be moved in larger quantities. This shovel even features a patented TuffBrace Handle/Blade Bracket that was specifically designed to increase its strength capacity.

Walk Behind Spreaders

If you’re looking for a de-icing product but don’t have any equipment to put it on, then the walk behind spreader is a great product to consider. Using a walk behind spreader also does not require any training, so it is perfect for some of your newer ice removal employees. Available in different size capacities, materials, and baffle systems, the walk behind spreader can be adjusted to fit your specific sidewalk maintenance needs. We offer two types of walk behind spreaders, which are: 


  • Stainless Steel Walk Behind Spreader – Available in the 100 lb. capacity, thestainlessspreader Stainless Steel Walk Behind Spreader features a rugged stainless steel frame that's built to last, a baffle system to maintain edge control, and a patent pending conical auger in order to minimize clumping of de-icing products in the hopper.

  • Poly Walk Behind Spreader – Available in both 80 and 100 lb. capacities, the Poly Walk Behind Spreader does not facilitate conditions for rusting. The 80 lb. capacity spreader utilizes steel frame and hardware, while the 100 lb. capacity spreader features stainless steel attributes. Both capacity optionspolyspreader include adjustable baffles that allow for greater pattern control and distribution of material. And because you can adjust the pattern according to the weather conditions, you are able to save material by only using what is needed to effectively clear the road of ice, saving you valuable time and money.



Our UTV/ATV line features a multitude of products, whether you’re looking to invest in some new snow removal gear, or expand your de-icing operations.


Snow Removal:

  • Full-Size UTV Plows –  Ideally sized for your sidewalk needs, full-size UTV full-size-utv-xt-bladeplows are available in straight-blade and V-plow options and forgo the chain/pulley combination to avoid corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up. These plows also feature the full-trip design to prevent damage when encountering unseen objects beneath the snow.

  • Mid-Size UTV Plows – With the strength and durability of a full-size plow, theMid-Size-UTV-Plow-Action mid-size UTV plow can offer the same quality, in a more compact size for even more precise plowing needs. The mid-size UTV plows are available in both straight blade and V-plow styles and also feature the hydraulic package in order for higher efficiency and better control of your plow.

  • ATV Plows Built to easily attach to your ATV, these plows are ideal for the ATV_V-Bladehard to reach and rough terrain areas that are accessible by ATVs. These plows are offered in both straight blade and V-plow styles, so you can choose what is best for you and your business. The controller is also designed to attach easily right onto the handlebar, making the plow functions accessible at all times.


  • Exact Path Drop Spreader – A new addition to the BOSS Snowplow product line, the Exact Path Drop Spreader was created due to customer demand for a drop-spreader that had higher control over distribution of material, but still be an ideal size for small areas. The spreader features a stainless steel Exact-Path-action-1hopper and frame to combat corrosion and is available in capacities of 2.5 and 6.0 cubic feet. The Exact Path Drop Spreader works to reduce the waste of salt and improve efficiency of the maintenance job, as the 40 inch drop span proves to be the perfect size to accommodate sidewalks and walkways without damaging surrounding landscape.

  • UTV V-Box Spreader – Designed especially to help make ice removal an easiervboxspreader task, the UTV V- Box Spreader allows you to continue plowing from the front of the vehicle, while still controlling the ideal distribution of deicing material from the back, cutting down your overall time spent on a single job. The hopper features corrosion resistant poly material and a capacity of 12 cubic feet.


Don’t forget to take a look at the Product Selector tool to be sure that you’re picking the equipment that is the best fit for your personal sidewalk maintenance needs. Check out our new Sidewalk Maintenance Video to hear more about sidewalk maintenance from Mike, our Corporate Sales Manager, to get a closer look at some of our products. For additional information visit or e-mail us at

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