SK-Boss-1700x630-1When you put steel and wool together, good things happen. The partnership with Stormy Kromer grew out of a love for winter and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 


“As soon as we came up with the idea of a plaid co-branded plow, we knew we had to make it happen,” said Gina Thorsen, president and owner, Stormy Kromer. 

Together, we desired to offer a one of a kind, unprecedented plaid plow to one lucky winner! The random sweepstakes drawing ran from October 2017 through March 2018. Over 8,000 individuals entered to win the plaid plow.


On March 31, 2018, the promotion concluded and Kayla Cisler-Osterbrink from Mosinee, WI was named the winner! Bob Jacquart, CEO Stormy Kromer, and Katie Schinderle, BOSS Snowplow representative personally delivered the plow and shared in the excitement with the Cisler-Osterbrink family. Cisler-Osterbrink and her husband are excited to put the plow to work in the upcoming snow season! Congrats to Kayla and her husband! Thanks to all who participated!

Kayla Winner

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