Anatomy Of A Dual-Trip Snow Plow

Posted by Jodie Gilroy

May 20, 2014 12:06:00 PM

A snow plow is a snow plow, right?  Or is it?  The fact is that all snow plows will push snow.  However, the mechanics of how a snow plow is designed and manufactured can make a huge difference in the efficiency, durability, reliability and productivity of the snow plow.  For snow removal contractors, having dependable equipment that helps you get the job done is an integral part of running a successful snow removal business.


To take a deeper dive into the anatomy of a plow, take a look at the dual-trip v plow infographic.  See how and why the DXT was designed and built to withstand not only tough plowing conditions but also how the dual-trip design provides enhances plow and vehicle protection when striking hidden obstacles.  



Topics: Best Practices/ Tips

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