If you were to ask someone in the snow & ice management industry about THE BOSS SNOWPLOW, you would probably hear something along the lines of “they build a tough line of v-plows” or “they are known for durable and reliable snow removal equipment.”  This brings up an interesting point of discussion.  How are businesses defined?  How is your business defined?  How do you want your business to be defined?


In manufacturing, it is common to be defined by the end goods produced. For BOSS that means snowplows & spreaders. In a service related business, like those who use BOSS products, you may be defined by the quality and reliability of service you provide to your snow removal accounts. It is simple to say, “to be successful you need to provide exceptional products & services”. However, it goes much deeper than this.  What and who are at the core of your business that impacts its success?  What strategies can you implement to move you and your business to the next level?


To begin to share the story of THE BOSS SNOWPLOW and what is at the core of our business, it’s important to look at the underlying foundation that built THE BOSS culture and how that culture significantly impacts the products released to the marketplace today.    The Brule family established its entrepreneurial roots in Iron Mountain, Michigan in 1959 when Warren Brule founded MJ Electric. The values established in those early days set the blueprint for the success of THE BOSS brand as the company launched its production in 1985.  In the early years, Dave Brule Sr. was focused on taking a revolutionary and untested product design and improving it to meet the quality and durability expectations of the commercial snow removal professionals. Today, Dave Brule, Jr. continues to guide this family-owned company forward while maintaining the rich history of hard work and core values that were founded by his father and grandfather.



We understand it may be the product that defines us in the marketplace but we know internally that it’s our company heritage of customer service and personal integrity that defines the products we build.  We are commonly asked what we have done to create our internal culture.  We don’t have a playbook or a recipe that can easily be shared but what we do have is a strong set of values.  Values that date back to 1959, that guide the culture and the people that make up THE BOSS family.  




  • INTEGRITY: We have an unwavering approach to doing the right thing all the time. (period)

  • SAFETY: We provide an environment of team safety that is rooted in accountability, advanced safety techniques and a commitment by each and every member of THE BOSS team to keep each other safe.


  • QUALITY: We do not compromise on the quality of the products we offer.  Since the early days, when the first v-plows were tested on the logging roads of the Upper Peninsula, to today where those same roads are being used to test our new product designs, quality is a core value that defines THE BOSS.   

  • INNOVATION:  We listen to our customers.  We don’t innovate for the sake of innovating.  We innovate for customers based on listening to what their needs are.  We make their challenges our challenges. 


  • PRODUCTIVITY: We instill pride in our team. All members of THE BOSS family have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft and everyone knows they play an important role in making THE BOSS the most reliable, durable product on the market.  They simply pride themselves on being #1 in their craft.


  • LEADERSHIP: We have a leadership team that instills and encourages employee empowerment. We recruit the best and brightest talent and offer an environment that allows them to challenge the status quo.

  • PASSION:   We “live” snow plows year round.  The winter comes early in Iron Mountain, MI, and it stays late, providing endless opportunities to test, design and innovate for the snow & ice industry. Even when summer makes its entrance, we are in winter mode all year long.  

  • FAMILY: We know each day we can rely on each other like family.  We don’t make empty promises to our customers.  We keep our promises with each cut of steel on the plant floor, with each coat of paint on a newly welded plow and with each phone call we answer from our customers.  Together we are THE BOSS Family. 

This is how we define THE BOSS SNOWPLOW and this is how we build equipment truly worth of THE BOSS name. 


So, the next time you are asked who your company is, what will you say?  What are your customers saying about you?  More importantly what do you want them to say?


WATCH:  GOOD WELD                       WATCH: WE LISTEN





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