With winter quickly approaching, you may be researching which truck will best handle your plowing needs.  During this search, you may have come across the term Snow Plow Prep Package and wondered if it is required for a plow to be installed on a truck.


What is a Snow Plow Prep Package?

A Snow Plow Prep Package can vary depending on make and model of truck, but it essentially equips the truck with upgraded components that aid in the installation and operation of a snowplow.  This can include a higher front-end capacity, larger brake rotors and higher output alternator.  


What are the Advantages of Having a Snow Plow Prep Package?

You may have heard stories of people changing out the springs of the vehicles or making other adjustments themselves.  While this may seem like a cost effective solution, we always recommend that you abide by the manufacturers’ recommendations for a number of reasons:


  • Safety – When adding additional weight to the front of a vehicle by installing a snow plow, you can affect the handling.  If you exceed the recommended Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (FGAWR), this could cause a loss of vehicle control, especially in adverse conditions.

  • Vehicle Damage – Prepping your truck yourself could also affect the load and handling in such a way that the vehicle could be damaged by plowing.  Getting the kit installed by the manufacturer can alleviate any worry and make your truck immediately plow ready.

  • Warranty – Plowing without a Snow Plow Prep Kit may void your vehicle warranty.  Manufacturers are willing to stand by their work (and even yours if it involves plowing for a living), but require this installation step.

  • Cost – for a matter of a few hundred dollars (or even less), you can have factory-installed peace of mind when plowing for the season.

There are several makes and models (including the 2015+ F-150) that have this option available.  With all the work your truck is going to do for you this winter, it is a great idea to do a little research before-hand to determine if a Snow Plow Prep Package is right for you.  So ask your local BOSS dealer what the best option is for your needs and approach the season snow plow ready!

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