How a BOSS Snowplow Owner Preps for a Snow Storm

Advice for New Comers: Buy Quality Snowplow Products, It May Save Your Business


Winter and the big storms that accompany it offer a narrow window of opportunity for snow removal professionals to bolster their bottom line. In fact, some winters can provide few major storms and it’s imperative to capitalize on those that do occur. No one knows this better, than BOSS Snowplow-powered Brian Hominunk, President of Foegley Landscape in South Bend, Indiana.


Picking up where his father Robert left off, Hominunk started snow plowing over 20 years ago and today his growing fleet of BOSS Snowplows allows his company to focus on high-end, zero tolerance properties, including; miles of driveways, roadways, commercial lots and other retail parking spaces. He attacks these spaces with a fleet of 8 BOSS snowplows, with plans to add several more this season: “This season I am stripping off two Western 8’6” MVPs and installing 2-8’ 2” BOSS Poly Vs,” he said.Hominunk is also looking seriously at the BOSS BX-12 box plows.


In fact, Hominunk has converted his entire fleet of plows from Western to BOSS over the last couple of years. Why? “Snow has variables and some are out of your hands, while others, like the plow you choose to run is up to you, and why one would choose anything other than BOSS is beyond me,” Hominunk said. “The bottom line, is I can’t afford to have a plow down. Reliability and durability is everything to me. In 7 years we have had to replace one motor on a BOSS snowplow – that’s something!!! I don’t have to worry about the plows making it through the night, the BOSS plow can take the bumps and bruises and gets through. We have never had to bring a BOSS plow in and weld it up!” Hominunk’s years of plowing with other brands of equipment give him the expertise and point-of-view to call the BOSS snow removal equipment “the best.”


When a big snow event is in the forecast, Hominunk’s routine includes getting in touch with all his workers, subs and suppliers – and making sure they are all aware of the impending event. Next, he ensures all the equipment that is off-site is topped off with fuel and are in running and plowing condition. He insists that every piece of equipment is given the “once-over” to make sure it is ready to go. If any larger equipment is being brought in – all of that preparation is also done.


“That’s the best part about the BOSS Snowplows, they don’t require much prep,” he continued, “I can take them off my list.”

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Do the BOSS Features Really Mean More to the Bottom Line?

“The BOSS is the fastest V blade I have used and when you team the speed, stout framework and the lack of downtime, your efficiency is improved. Whoever designed the BOSS snowplow cutting edge that got rid of the puck on the v-plow and put curb wear bars needs a pat on the back! Also, the height on the BOSS Power V XT has helped a lot with plowing the miles of roads that we do. As the winter goes on the height of the snow along the roadway edges increases and now with the BOSS Power V XT I can launch it higher over that build up!”


Any Advice to Someone New Getting Into the Snow Removal Business about buying lower-priced, lower-quality plows instead of a BOSS Snowplow?

“You need to ask yourself, can I afford not to have a plow that functions every time it snows?,” he said. Hominunk explained further: “If a person is just starting out, chances are they don’t have back up equipment and reliability is everything. Then, we you grow and become a significant player in the industry, can you afford to have equipment down and not perform for high-end customers – high-end customers are not going to take excuses, there is no calling and telling them your plow broke – they won’t hear it – and they shouldn’t have to. That’s why BOSS Snowplows is gaining the reputation with professionals that they are – they don’t let you or your business down. No question that BOSS is worth its price – I never even compare BOSS to any other manufacturer, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.”


Another aspect of BOSS products that Hominunk touted was service. He said the BOSS Snowplow Dealers and BOSS Manufacturing representatives stand behind the product and get parts, when they are needed, out as soon as possible.


You can also see Brian’s story on BOSS Snowplows YouTube Channel at: or simply go to and click on the  YouTube Channel link. His story is also found on BOSS Snowplow’s Facebook page, which can also be accessed at

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