Off-Season Storage Procedures For Your Pintle or Auger Spreader

Posted by Jodie Gilroy

Apr 1, 2014 7:45:00 AM

When the time comes to swap out the snow & ice removal equipment for the lawn & landscape equipment don’t forget to take a some time to prep the equipment for storage.  Properly storing your snow & ice removal equipment, specifically your Hopper Spreader, for the off-season will help extend the life of the product and ensure that it is ready to go when old man winter returns again.


Use this handy step-by-step checklist for properly storing your BOSS Auger or Pintle Chain Hopper Spreader.


Hopper Spreader

Hopper Spreader Storage Checklist

  • Remove the rear spinner assembly, wash, rinse and let dry completely. This will be re-installed for final storage.

CAUTION: DO NOT spray directly into any electrical connections or electric motor.

  • Activate the dump switch to completely empty the hopper.

  • Pintle Spreader: Remove the bottom drop pan, wash and rinse. This will be re-installed for final storage. 

  • Remove spreader from the truck using lift bars located on the top edge of the hopper at each of the four corners.

  • Wash and rinse entire unit. Tipping the hopper up on an angle so that the water and material can easily flow out the end of the hopper opening. 

  • Remove rear black poly cover, wash and rinse the inside of the cover only.

  • Wash and rinse all rear drive components.

CAUTION: DO NOT spray directly onto any electrical connections or electric motor.

  • Pintle Spreader: Remove pintle chain from spreader, roll up and fully submerge into a container of oil for storage (transmission oil is recommended). The pintle chain will be re-installed next season.

  • Auger Spreader: Spray oil or similar lubricant the entire length of the auger screw, coating the screw and all fasteners.

  • Clean and grease all bearings.

  • Clean all exposed plow-side and truck-side connectors and apply dielectric grease.

  • Remove spreader control from the truck cab and store in a clean, dry place.

  • Once the Spinner Assembly and Drop Pan are completely dry, reinstall for final storage of the spreader unit.


Download Printable  Spreader Storage Checklist




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