12 Tips For Preparing Your Snow Plow For Winter

Posted by Jodie Gilroy

Sep 25, 2012 6:30:00 AM

The first snowfall of the year is in the forecast and you need to ensure your plow is ready to go!  The following checklist will help you in preparing your plow:  


Check the following items:

___ Inspect all bolts and fasteners on the plow.

___ Inspect and re-torque all fasteners in the vehicle mount.

___ Inspect all welds in plow structure and vehicle mount.

___ Inspect plows cutting edge and plow shoes, replace if necessary.

___ Change hydraulic fluid.

___ Tighten the trip and return springs. Rule of thumb is to tighten so that a business card can be slid between the coils in the middle of the spring.

___ Grease the vertical pin, and any pivot pins.

___ Apply di-electric grease to all electrical connections on the truck and plow.

___ Inspect all the truck/plows lights, and properly adjust and align the plows headlights.

___ Prepare an emergency parts kit: hydraulic fluid, hoses, solenoid, fuses, trip/return springs, safety strobe, flares, tow strap and a shovel.

___ Have the trucks charging system and battery inspected.

___ Make sure the alarm clock and coffee pot work.


For additional details, the following maintenance videos will help you to prepare your BOSS Snowplow for the upcoming season.  Be ready, snow is just around the corner!

BOSS V-Plow Storage Removal Video & Instructions


BOSS Straight Blade Storage Removal Video & Instructions





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