What Makes BOSS Co-Ops Special?

Posted by Rachel Perpich

Aug 29, 2019 2:54:00 PM

Doing a co-op semester is practically a rite of passage for engineering majors, and is a great opportunity for students to gain work experience and help decide if it's something they want to pursue for the rest of their life. BOSS has recently launched a new co-op employment page and we thought it would be a good idea to highlight our co-op students this week. Check out some of the reasons that BOSS is a unique place to do a co-op term below:


Personal Experiences: You’ll come to realize very quickly that BOSS treasures its employees. You will not be a stranger to anyone here, and one of the most unique experiences will be getting to meet company general manager, Jody Christy, for an official introduction to the company.


  • Willing to Work with Your Interests: We know that you’re still in college and don’t have your life 100% figured out yet. If you want to try your hand at different areas of the co-op position, you will get the opportunity to try different things and see what type of tasks you are better suited for within the broad realm of your co-op title.


  • Real Tasks = Real Experiences: We want you to know that you are a value to the company, which is why your job will not be filled with busy work that someone else just doesn’t want to do. You will be tasked with real projects that help you gain more knowledge about your field of interest and become great resume builders for the future.


  • Flexible Schedule: During the summer, flex schedules allow you to work the majority of your hours from Monday-Thursday, so you can take a half day on Friday in order to start your weekend early. Perfect for when you want to take a camping trip or get a head start on a drive back home for a few days.


  • Transparent with the Work Content: Our goal is for our co-op employees to have the most enjoyable experience and feel as though the time spent with BOSS has contributed to their academic, professional, and personal development, which is why we want to be as upfront as possible about what the work will consist of before you’re here.


  • Feedback on Both Ends: We want you to be doing your best, and we want to be doing the best we can for you. Open communication within our company is encouraged, and we aim to create an environment where that is facilitated.


  • July 4th and 5th are Company Holidays: A little bonus weekend during the summer so you can spend time with friends and family and celebrate a little bit of American independence!


  • Community Involvement: BOSS Snowplow has flourished in Iron Mountain, and our way of saying ‘thank you’ is to be readily available to help with community improvements in any way that we can. If you have a cause that you’re passionate about, BOSS encourages you to be involved, and will even support you in the endeavor. Every year we raise money for a local establishment as a part of our initiative to beautify the land and create a better community for all citizens. Check out our 2018 project here.


  • We are a Family: One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is our employee relationships. How often do you hear people say that they know everyone in their office? Here, you will be welcomed into a real family who all want you to succeed and have the most meaningful experience possible while you’re with us at BOSS.


We hope that you consider BOSS for your co-op employment opportunity! Check out our new page here, or email for additional co-op resources. 


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