See How Easily You Can Adjust The Drop Speed Of Your Snow Plow

Posted by Jodie Gilroy

May 9, 2013 8:56:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what the drop speed of your snow plow should be?  It's a bit of trick question because the answer depends on what your drop speed preference is.  If you are a snow removal contractor you may want the plow to drop quick because "time is money". However, if you are a home owner plowing your own driveway and don't want to wake up the neighbors you may want to lower the drop speed of your plow.  No matter what your preference is, the instructions below will help you easily make the adjustment. 



How Do I Adjust The Drop Speed Of My RT3 Plow?

Adjusting the Flow Control Valve on the backside of the hydraulic manifold will increase or decrease the drop speed of your RT3. This procedure covers THE BOSS Standard-Duty Straight Plow, Super-Duty Straight Plow, Trip-Edge Plows & all Power-V Plows.



1. Loosen the jam nut then adjust the set screw.
2. Clockwise will decrease lowering speed, counter-clockwise will increase lowering speed.
3. Re-tighten the jam nut when desired speed is obtained.

CAUTION: If your plow is equipped with SmartHitch, and you turn the set screw too far counter-clockwise you may lose the detach function with SmartHitch. If this happens, turn the set screw clockwise until this function returns, then re-tighten the jam nut.


How Do I Adjust The Drop Speed Of My Sport Duty Straight Blade & UTV Straight Blade Plow?

The lowering speed of a Sport Duty Straight Blade plow is dictated by an orifice located in the backside of the hydraulic manifold. If you want to slow the drop speed of your plow you will have to purchase and install an orifice with a smaller diameter opening. Sport Duty plows come with a .120” orifice. To slow the drop speed a .100” orifice can be installed (HYD12821). UTV Straight Blade plows come with a .100" orifice.  To slow the drop speed you will need to purchase a .090" orfice. 



1. Using a 3/16” allen wrench, remove the cap plug located on the backside of the manifold.
2. Insert the same 3/16” allen wrench into the opening and back out the orifice.
3. It may be necessary to use a magnet to remove the orifice from the manifold.
4. Install the HYD12821 orifice and hand tighten.
5. Re-install the cap plug and hand tighten.


For a complete listing of BOSS Technical Service videos click here. 



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