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Nov 21, 2012 7:35:00 AM

As 2012 begins to draw to a close, many will take the time over this holiday season to reflect on the year and give thanks.  Last year, I asked our BOSS SNOWPLOW Family to share with us what they were thankful for.  While the list below is a year old, it is not dated.  The list reflects our values as a company - unwavering values that are true from year to year.  It's who we are, it's what we live by and it's what we promise to you as a BOSS Customer.  

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We Are Thankful

Here’s our Top Ten List of what we are thankful for:

10.  For being able to live, work and play in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where snow and cold are a way of life.

9.  For the health and well being of our family and friends and for the continued strength to pull through any battles that we are faced with along the journey.

8.  For our military men and women that serve, protect and defend our freedoms and for those back at home that serve our deployed military through the SnowCare For Troops program.

7.  For all of our committed suppliers who maintain the high quality standards and integrity demanded by The BOSS Snowplow.

6.  For the superior network and family of BOSS Snowplow distributors/dealers that take pride in selling and servicing our snow removal products.

5.  For SNOW!  (enough said)

4.  For skilled crafts men and women, who by living in the heart of snow country in the U.P. of Michigan truly understand and are committed to building the best snow plows on the planet.

3.  For coworkers with willing hearts, committed spirits and unwavering integrity.  

2.  For working for a family owned business that treats each of us like family.  For the caring, commitment and dedication that is shown to each of us, our customers, and for the larger community that it serves through its efforts.

1.  For our customers.  Those that have been growing with the BOSS since 1985, for those that have just purchased their first BOSS this year and for all those in between.  You have made THE BOSS Snowplow what it is today.


We Are Grateful

We at THE BOSS Snowplow are truly grateful for all of the above and so much more.  We have been blessed with being able to provide snow plow professionals with high quality products so that they can do what they do best – keeping the roads, driveways and parking lots clear and safe for all of our communities.  We are grateful to be able to serve each of you and we look forward to continuing to be your partner.


Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!



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