Auger System

The auger is a system on your BOSS hopper spreader. Shaped like a corkscrew, the auger spins to spread particulates at around 2.3 cubic feet per minute.  

  • Key Features

    - Requires less maintenance over time.
    - Less susceptible to jamming
    - Few moving parts
    - In an instance of a jam, the auger will move in reverse and forward to clear the jam. If the object is not cleared, a light will indicate on the controller.

  • Material Flow & Usage

    - Corkscrew shape spins to spread particulates at around 2.3 cubic feet per minute.
    - Better suited for dry, free-flowing material like salt

    - Capable of breaking up chunks of salt and sand that sometimes form inside the hopper.

  • How it Works

    The steel auger “pulls” material toward the discharge chute. Allowing the feed system to distribute a more even material flow.

Pintle Chain System

Pintle spreaders are an optional upgrade onto your VBX and FORGE spreaders at the time of purchase. Please note, VBX 3000 spreader features the auger only. The Pintle Chain features a chain with a pivot point on each link. It also features two rotating shafts, bearings, sprockets, and tensioning devices.

  • Key Features

    - Increased max material flow for spreading.

    - Decreased potential for jamming.

    - More spreading material versatility. 

  • Material Flow & Usage

    - Conveyor belt shape moves to spread particulates at around 4 cubic feet per minute.
    - Better suited for spreading wetter material like sand.

    -Can spread a variety of material like sand, salt, and sand/salt combinations. 


  • How it Works

    The pintle chain utilizes a flat 12" wide pintle chain which acts as a conveyor belt feeding material from the hopper to the discharge chute and spinner.