Upgrade your existing SmartLight1 or SmartLight2 halogen headlights to the 100% LED SL3 with Ice Shield Technology for best-in-class lighting. In addition to Ice Shield Technology, BOSS SL3 headlights offer a precision light pattern for improved driver visibility.

Why are SL3 L.E.D. Headlights Superior?

When you are out in the middle of a storm, you demand toughness to break through the darkness and withstand the cold. The SL3 headlights won't let you down. BOSS is always there to back you up!

Ice Shield Technology

  • Heats the lens to prevent ice build-up
  • Utilizes a thermally conductive grid to heat the SL3 Lens

Precise Light Pattern

  • Lower profile housing, and concentrated white light output to improve operator visibility
  • Ultra-wide color temperature reduces driver’s fatigue and user’s eye strain when plowing for long hours

Extended Life Expectancy

  • Up to 8-10 years of bulb life
  • Pumps out nearly double the lighting of standard halogen systems


  • LED uses half the amperage of halogen systems

BOSS Signature

  • Premium look you expect from BOSS
  • SL3 plow lights are 40% smaller than Smartlight2 lights yet more powerful

Standard for New Plow Purchases

  • Easily upgrade your existing Smartlight1 or Smartlight2