Tested. Proven. Durable.

Made to last, our SmartShield paint system delivers superior corrosion protection and a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

You can count on us to continually improve our product so you can do Whatever It Takes to Keep 'Em Open in any condition.

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Multi-Step Painting System Ensures Optimal Adhesion Quality 

Should your plow surface endure scratches, the SmartShield Paint is engineered with an anti-scratch formulation, ensuring that rust is designed not to spread, peel, or worsen even when faced with abrasions, maintaining both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. 


Ultimate Endurance Testing

Our paint endures the most demanding challenges, and withstands those challenges, boasting long-term durability and impact testing- standing up to the harshest winter elements with ease. Going beyond the surface, our SmartShield paint system offers advanced protection against corrosion and the damaging effects of UV rays.

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Continuous Improvement

A routinely monitored process ensures that every coat is continually applied with precision, resulting in a consistently superior paint system that not only protects but elevates the aesthetic and performance standards for your equipment.  



Winter Season Battlescars? Utilize our BOSS Touch-up Paint specifically formulated to adhere similarly to our in-house SmartShield Paint system.


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