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Join our BOSS family and accept a college co-op or internship position with us! Our goal is to make sure you have great resume building experiences, gain a better understanding of the profession you're interested in pursuing and develop as a professional, leader, and community member. Our hiring periods typically occur around the early fall for spring/summer co-ops, and early spring for summer/fall co-ops.

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How would you describe your experience working at BOSS Snowplow?

I think this experience could not have been any better for me. The opportunities I was given to sit in on meetings, and work on projects that I was actually interested in made me so excited to come to work each day. I also had a wonderful boss who was willing to let me gain experience within marketing, but also within HR which is an area of interest for me as well. I also love that people are willing to let you do actual projects as opposed to doing busy work.


Marketing Intern

I am very satisfied with my experience at BOSS. I was able to complete a wide variety of tasks and learn a lot. The variety of tasks will be great resume items as well. I have never been too bored or felt stuck at my desk as there always seems to be testing or hands on work that can be done. The mix of responsibilities and amount of actual engineering work was both rewarding and challenging.


Product Design Co-Op 


It’s the most meaningful experience I’ve had since being in college.


Supply Chain/Sourcing Co-Op