Level Out Your Performance

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Dec 15, 2016 8:31:00 AM

The BOSS EXT is built with all of the toughness and innovation you expect from BOSS products. With expandable wings that enhance productivity and efficiency to put winter in its place, BOSS built in a blade-leveling feature to accommodate the variations of push beam heights. Because the wings on the EXT sit forward at a 20-degree angle, you need the ability to adjust the angle of the moldboard to ensure the cutting edge is scraping across the width of the blade, including the length of the wings. This will also reduce any chattering caused by the blade not sitting level. 

BOSS built in a feature to perfect the blade level with our adjustable Cam Stops. There are four Cam Stops located on the backside of the main blade. By turning the cams, you can adjust the angle of attack to level the cutting edge, ensuring it makes contact with the ground for optimal scraping performance. 

Factory Setting

Cam Adjustment Forward

Cam Adjustment Backwards

Directions for Adjusting the Angle of Attack

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and lower the plow completely. If the plow is not flush against the ground, adjust the angle of attack.

2. Loosen the trip springs.

3. On the cams, remove the bolt in the square hole and loosen the bolt in the center (See Figure 29).

4. Rotate the cam clockwise to angle the bottom of the blade back. Rotate the cam counterclockwise to angle the bottom of the blade forward.

*Use a 1/2 inch ratchet to help rotate the cams.

5. Insert the previously removed bolt, and torque it to 76 N-m (56 ft-lb). 

6. Tighten the center bolt, and torque it to 76 N-m (56 ft-lb). 

7. Tighten the trip springs until there is a gap of 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) between the trip spring coils. 

Watch the video below as a quick reference about the BOSS blade-leveling feature.

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Apply the BOSS Finishing Touch Decal

Posted by Alex Milinski

Dec 14, 2016 2:13:51 PM

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Hiring Winter Help

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Nov 7, 2016 4:40:14 PM

As a snowplow contractor, finding the right crew for the job can be one obstacle to taking on more winter work. With winter fast approaching, crunch time to find workers is here. Here are some avenues to consider when recruiting additional workers.   

1. Social Media- If your business has an established Facebook or LinkedIn page, share the job opening, description, and compensation on your platform. Encourage those that follow your page to share the post with their friends to help you cast a wider net. This is a free way to recruit the talent you need to get the job done. Social media can also be a good way to vet candidates. When you receive applications, take a look at their social media page to learn a little more about the person you are considering for hire. 

Sample Social Media Post:

Looking for winter work? _________________ company is currently hiring for the 2016-2017 winter snow removal season. This is a temporary, seasonal full-time position, during the months of December-April. This job comes with a pay range of $15-$25 per hour. Interested candidates can visit _________________ to apply or call XXX-XXX-XXXX for more information. 

2. Referral Program- Your current staff can be a great tool for finding new employees. One option to recruiting could involve instituting a referral program in which team members can earn cash rewards for referring a new hire. 

3. Craigslist- Almost every day job posts are listed on Craigslist recruiting workers for winter help. What once as known as a way to sell equipment is now a way to get the word out about a job opening. If you are recruiting on Craigslist, you may want to keep these tips in mind. 

-The lifecycle of a post is less than 30 days. Your ad continues to get buried beneath new and recent posts. Be sure to update and re-post your job posting every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and near the top of the search pile. 

-Be sure to keep your ads short. A long wordy job description loses the reader's attention quickly. 

Sample Craigslist Post: 

_________________________ company is currently hiring for the 2016-2017 winter snow removal season. We are in need of quality snow removal professionals willing to take on the elements and clear snow from sidewalks, docks, driveways, and parking lots of large commercial or retail properties and apply ice melt products accordingly. This is a temporary, seasonal full-time position, during the months of December-April with a pay range of $15-$25 per hour. A clean driver's license record is required for driving positions. For additional information, please visit ________________________ to apply!

4. Direct Mailers- This is an oldie but a goodie. If you took on contracts miles from your base camp, consider sending direct mailers out in the neighborhood where your contracts are located. Direct mailers can run from $0.15/ piece to $0.50/piece depending on the size and quantity needed. You could also consider using USPS Every Door Direct Mail campaign. This affordable, targeted advertising service that allows you to send mailers to a specific audience depending on the age, income or household size. You could also use it to specifically choose zip codes to target. Check out how it works here. Direct mailers can be an effective means of recruiting when you do not live in the community where your contracts reside. Click here to see a sample direct mailer for Nate's Landscaping Company. 

5. Newspaper Ad- While newspaper readership has declined in the last ten years due to social media, there is still a targeted demographic of older adults who read the newspaper. If you are looking to hire recently retired employees who may be looking for some work in the winter, this may be the perfect recruiting option for you. In rural communities, a newspaper advertisement may be the most effective means to communicate with your message efficiently and at a low cost. 

Sample Newspaper Advertisement:

These are just some of the ways you could consider recruiting workers. Not all of these tips will apply to every business or community. Writing a job description can be half the battle. Watch The Snowplow Blogger for additional posts about writing job descriptions and other hiring tips. 

You cannot fulfill contracts without workers, so it may be time to get creative and try more than one option. Even though you may have enough workers now, you never know when you will need to hire to due demand of additional work or replacement of current workers. A good rule of thumb is to never stop recruiting!

For additional tips on running your snow removal business, check out additional blogs here.

Happy recruiting!

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Spreading the Finishing Touch

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Aug 30, 2016 11:34:08 AM

To a business owner, keeping the entrance and sidewalk to his or her business clear is necessary and is often included in snow removal contracts. Snow removal contractors need quality equipment in order to fulfill the contract requirements and reduce slip and fall injuries in the winter. Spreading de-icing material is like applying the finishing touch to taking care of snow and ice removal buildup. 

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Strike Back with the HTX V-Plow

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Aug 11, 2016 11:46:15 AM

BOSS continued its commitment to the half-ton truck market with the release of the HTX V-plow. Now you can put your half-ton truck or SUV vehicles to use with the HTX V-plow for when Old Man Winter Strikes. Strike back with full plow power in a compact package. 

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7 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Jul 28, 2016 8:44:04 AM

Snow shoveling is part of almost every snow contract. Whether it is shoveling steps, keeping the entrance of a doorway free of snow and ice buildup or when clearing a tight area too small for the plow to reach, ensuring your safety is #1 priority. Below are seven tips for Safe Snow Shoveling to keep in mind. 

  1. 1. Snow removal often happens in the dark of night. Night traffic doesn’t stop for snow removal crews. In order to ensure safety, consider adding a safety reflector on your shovel. The Snow Plow Snow Pusher BOSS Edition by JM Enterprises, has a reflective strip near the handle of the shovel for increased visibility. Safety vests or jackets are another way to increase visibility and ensure safety. Plan for the Personal Protective Equipment you will need this winter.

  2. 2. Long hours spent doing snow removal can take a toll on your body. Proper ergonomics when shoveling can help prevent an injury. Proper ergonomics of shoveling suggest staying on top of the snow. Don’t let too much snow build up before trying to shovel. The sooner you can get out there and shovel the better. Clear the snow every few inches instead of waiting for the snow to build up or stop before you haul your shovels outside. The D-Grip Handle of the Snow Plow Snow Pusher was also designed for a comfortable and ergonomically correct position when shoveling snow. Designed to fit bulky, gloved hands to keep you warm and safe the D-Grip Handle will keep you comfortable and powerful to push through the snow. 


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Push Away Winter

Posted by Katie Schinderle

Jul 26, 2016 10:32:47 AM

In the early 1800’s snow shovelers were hired to clear the streets for all snow events. Hundreds of shovelers would parade through the streets, shoveling away, to ensure the streets were cleared for horse and carriages. Now, can you imagine the nastiest, coldest blizzard you’ve ever plowed in and then imagine tackling it with only a shovel? The truck and snowplow changed the snow and ice removal game; however, the shovel continues to play a very real and vital role in any modern snow removal job and should not be dismissed too readily.

Shovels are often used to clear steps, keep the entrance of a building free of snow or ice buildup or when clearing a tight area too small for the plow to reach. With this in mind, if you are considering the purchase of a quality shovel, there are key features that can make or break the performance of your snow removal tool. We know how much you want to get back in the truck and behind the plow, so get the shovel that will get the job done faster and cleaner.

The new Snow Plow Snow Pusher BOSS Edition by JM Enterprises is built to withstand the abuse of the season with a premium blade material for unmatched scraping ability. We’re taking all the qualities of the tough, durable Snow Plow Pusher and adding our proven BOSS advantage for your snow removal contracts. See how we’ve harmonized the Snow Plow Pusher and BOSS into one high-performance product:

  • D-Grip Handle: Designed to fit bulky, gloved hands the D style grip allows for comfortable, powerful, ergonomic position.

  • BOSS Reflective Strip: The added safety reflector provides visibility for crews working at night near traffic.

  • BOSS Red Fiberglass, Reinforced Handle: The reinforced core insert plug provides additional strength and durability with twice the wall thickness of the industry standard.

  • Hexhead Fasteners: Zinc fasteners make replacing components simple even after years of use in tough conditions.

  • Tuff Brace: The patented handle/ blade connector provides a strong connection between the blade and the shaft for durability and performance.

  • UHMW Poly Blade: Built for the abuse of the season, this highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable, premium blade provides unmatched scraping performance.

  • Sizes: Available in 28", 36" and 48" blade size. 

All of the features on the Snow Plow Snow Pusher add up to clean scrapes and time saved. The Snow Plow Snow Pusher can be purchased at your local BOSS authorized dealer. So, shovel that snow and get back into your heated truck, ASAP!

Find Your Local BOSS DEALER
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2016 BOSS Owners Group Contractor Winter Recap

Posted by Taylor Peiffer

Jun 2, 2016 8:02:36 AM

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2016 BOSS Owners Group Homeowner Winter Recap

Posted by Taylor Peiffer

Jun 2, 2016 7:41:51 AM

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Efficiency at Every Angle

Posted by Taylor Peiffer

May 19, 2016 1:40:14 PM

The BOSS EXT allows you to maximize efficiency with complete wing control. See all of the ways the BOSS EXT dominates parking lots and wide open spaces. For more information on the BOSS EXT visit,

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