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Deicing Material & Spreader Equipment Selection Guide

Posted by Jodie Gilroy on Feb 3, 2015 3:46:49 PM

As anyone in snow and ice management knows, the selection of deicing material and equipment can be complicated and varies greatly by personal preferences and experiences. For those new to the industry finding straightforward answers to basic questions regarding the use of deicers can be somewhat of a challenge. There is much debate about what materials to spread and which equipment to use. If you find yourself needing assistance when choosing spreading materials, use this blog and infographic to help find the right equipment, and more importantly, the proper type of deicing material you should be filling that equipment with.

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"Like a BOSS" - Meet BOSS Owner Michael Berg

Posted by Taylor Peiffer on Jan 12, 2015 1:25:00 PM

 "Like a BOSS" - Michael Berg


Michael started plowing when he was in high school and has been plowing for 16 years. He now owns and operates Liberty Outdoor Services with his wife, Breanna, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Snow removal runs in the Berg family and he credits his beginnings in the snow business to his father. He’s grown up around snowplows and says, “I’ve always plowed.”

Michael plows on average 50 inches per year and around 15-25 events, with 25 being a busy winter last season. He’s responsible for both commercial and residential accounts and performs sidewalk snow removal. He utilizes both of his BOSS dealers, Proven Power, where he purchased his UTV plow and Snowplow Solutions for all snow & ice removal equipment needs.

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"Like A BOSS" - Meet BOSS Owner Al Hunt

Posted by Jodie Gilroy on Dec 22, 2014 8:56:20 AM

With 41 years of plowing under his belt, it is fair to say that Al Hunt has many of plowing stories to tell.  As the owner of Al’s Snow Removal located in Dearborn, Michigan, Al, also known as “Big Al”, battles an average 45 inches of snow each season equating to 12 plowing events and 30 salting events.  The winter of 2014 exceeded all averages with Al and his team heading out to service 22 plowing events!  Al has put his BOSS Power-V plow to the test time and again and he has not looked back since switching to BOSS over four years ago.  In addition to the reliability and durability of the plow, Al has enjoyed the efficiency gains of using a multi-position v-plow. 

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Snow Plow Tripping: A Comparison of the BOSS XT vs DXT

Posted by Jodie Gilroy on Dec 16, 2014 7:30:00 AM


Let’s face it snow plows are bound to encounter obstacles.  Those obstacles could include manhole covers, curbs, frozen snow banks and everything in between.  If you have been snowplowing for any period of time, you could probably add a few other items to that list.  Obstructions and obstacles are one of the unavoidable dangers of snowplowing. 

As such, snow plow manufacturers design and build snow plows with trip protection technology to help protect the plow and truck from damage.  The tripping mechanism works in tandem with the snow plow’s pressure relief valves that are also designed to reduce the impact caused by obstructions.  BOSS Snowplows, including the BOSS XT & DXT, are specifically designed with one of three types of tripping systems:

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The Biggest Myth About Snow Plow Direct Lift Hydraulic Attachment Systems Dispelled

Posted by Taylor Peiffer on Dec 9, 2014 9:23:00 AM

When you choose a direct lift, hydraulic attachment system for your snow plow you get a reliable and easy to use system that features quick hookup and detach capabilities. However, there are some myths that hover around this kind of system that need to be dispelled. Primarily, some say that in the rare event of hydraulic failure, you will not be able to get your direct lift snowplow elevated for transportation. This is simply not true. Just like a chain lift system, you can strap your direct lift system up with a ratchet strap, something that most snow removal professionals have in an emergency parts kit anyway. Even if you have a chain style lift, you should have a ratchet strap handy. If your chain fails, you will have no way to lift the plow or if there isn’t enough snow to ride the plow up to short chain your chain lift system, you’ll need a strap to transport the plow.

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4 Simple Steps to Adjust Your Snow Plow Cutting Edge

Posted by Taylor Peiffer on Dec 3, 2014 2:50:23 PM

Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota.....F150, 1500, Tundra, 2500…regular, crew or super cab…the variety of truck configurations is vast!  Because every make, model and year can result in differences from truck to truck, unique truck undercarriages need to be designed to give you the option to mount a snow plow on your truck. Due to the configuration differences between each truck, the bumper height can vary greatly, and this could cause the cutting edge on your BOSS RT3 V-plow to be misaligned with the ground upon initial install.

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"Like A BOSS" - Meet BOSS Owner Jason Perkins

Posted by Katie Roell on Nov 25, 2014 3:30:00 PM

Jason Perkins, also known as “Perk,” has been snow plowing with a BOSS snow plow for 14 years. Perkins runs Perkins Commercial and battles around 40 inches of snow a year with his 9’2” Poly V-plow and his TGS 800 Spreader.  For Perkins, plowing snow is much more than a job, it’s a fun hobby! Perkins says, “When I get done with my accounts, I go and plow my family and friend’s places just to play!” 

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How to Create a Snow & Ice Removal Event Log

Posted by Taylor Peiffer on Nov 18, 2014 3:15:00 PM

On-site documentation of the work performed and conditions of the properties that you are providing snow and ice management services for can be very beneficial. By recording what has been done at each property that is receiving your services, you can save yourself from any confusion that may arise down the road about a particular snow event or about the work performed.

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Winter 2014: Cold, Snow and Plows

Posted by Jodie Gilroy on Nov 4, 2014 7:42:00 AM

Snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures; no doubt this past winter had it all.  All across the nation, snowfall records were broken and below zero temperatures prevailed, and all the while the snow plows didn't stop moving.  As we prepare for the Winter of 2015, check out the highlights of 2014 in this Winter 2014 infographic.

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The Ultimate Guide to Snowplow Accessories

Posted by Taylor Peiffer on Oct 29, 2014 11:30:00 AM

When purchasing a snowplow, you get much more than just the plow. There are many pieces of equipment that typically come standard with a snowplow, such as a coupler tower, a-frame, undercarriage, wiring and controller, and attachment system. With all of these components you are ready to get out there and start plowing. However, many people opt to buy additional items to supplement their snowplow, whether it be an accessory to make their plow easier to use, to add an element of safety or to protect the plow from damage. Read on to learn about some of the accessories commonly available for snow and ice equipment.

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